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How youth activity centers can automate processes with Jackrabbit Class

“I love manual processes”, said no one ever.

Especially owners of dance studios, swim schools, or gymnastics gyms. There’s a lot of work that goes into the daily operations of your youth activity center. The more you and your staff can automate, the more efficient you can be.

Before we dive into what processes you should be automating at your youth activity center, I want to take a look at what automation really is.

What is automation?

Simply put, automation is the use of technology to complete a task with the goal of efficiency and reliability. Work that is automated is performed without involving people, which eliminates possible human error. Sounds like a dream, right?

The reality is we are human and very busy ones at that! Any help from a class management software solution allows you and your staff to focus on being visible and more interactive with families. No matter how big or small the automation feels, you know that time is saved and the results are accurate.

How does automation save time and money?

Time is money. And the time you and your staff spend manually working on daily, weekly, and monthly tasks is money spent.

Let’s think about it this way because we know that numbers don’t lie.

If you have 2 office staff members that can save 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, making $15 an hour each – that’s an annual savings of $7,800.

Seems like a no-brainer, am I right? With a class management system that can automate more, you will find yourself saving money and getting more done in the time you and your staff are on the clock. That’s a double win!

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What are the benefits of automated processes for your youth activity center?

Spend more time with parents, students, and staff building relationships

In a time of uncertainty, open communication between your program and your parents builds trust, which is more important than ever. Trust leads to enrollment and retention, retention leads to a full class schedule and a full class schedule leads to positive revenue. An owner or director with a strong bond with their staff and instructors typically experiences more loyalty and enjoys a team who has fun, works hard, and shares a common goal of success.

Get more time back to focus on marketing and enrollment

As an office manager of a youth activity center, you are often fielding phone calls about trials, tours, and class schedules. You’re on the front lines and have a ton of insight into what prospective families care most about. Take the time back to focus on your website, social media channels, or even call scripts for incoming registrations.

Educate your community on the role youth activities and arts play in children’s lives

Community meetings, elementary school events, and local pediatricians love to have guest contributors to keep their audiences engaged and informed on the benefits of youth sports, activities, and arts. If you were able to get an hour of your day back for community outreach, what kind of impact could that have on your program?

Now, the question is, what exactly can I automate in my youth activity program? If you’re anything like me, there isn’t much you’re willing to give up control of. *Control freak alert*

You’re worried that delegating or trusting an app to get the job done is going to do more harm than good. Take a deep breath and read this one a few extra times: there are tasks you can streamline in your program without giving up total control of the outcome.

5 ways to automate processes with Jackrabbit Class

Automate online registration with Jackrabbit Class

Streamline operations at your youth activity center by handing over manual paper registration to Jackrabbit’s online class management. Utilize class listings on your website to inform prospective parents exactly which classes are available when and which programs are on a waiting list.

Free up your front desk staff or office manager to focus more on students and instructor training and let go of those expensive paper registration packets. Online registration is available 24/7 and comes with a Jackrabbit integration specialist to help you build the registration experience you’ve always wanted.

Automate billing, payments, and tuition processing with Jackrabbit Class

Enable ePayments with Jackrabbit and allow your customers to pay their fees online or in the Parent Portal at any time. With flexible discounting and prorating options, you can set up class fees to optimize your revenue and spend less time on check processing and collections. Email statements to families that include details on their multiple class schedules, discounts, and late fees so that your office manager can spend less time on the phone explaining weekly or monthly charges.

Learn more about Jackrabbit’s ePayment partners

Automate point of sale and inventory management with Jackrabbit Class

Managing a pro-shop? Chances are you need a staff member or two to ensure inventory is accurate and your customers are having a good purchasing experience. Consider utilizing a point of sale system with a credit card reader, barcode scanner, and built-in inventory reporting to streamline the process and automate a lot of the work your front desk staff is doing during peak class hours.

Allowing a point of sale software like Jackrabbit Class to handle the sales for you lets your staff get back to customer service and student engagement.

Automate skill, milestone, and curriculum development with Jackrabbit Class

These days in your gymnastics gym, swim school, or dance studio, it’s not enough to have the best curriculum in your neighborhood. You have to go a little further to prove that your students are learning and building on the skills your instructors and coaches are teaching. Enter: Jackrabbit Skill Tracking.

Monitor and record each student’s skills right in the Staff Portal, add achievements, notes, and even media. Share these directly to each family’s Parent Portal and change the way you connect with your customers for the better.

Automate staff time clock and payroll with Jackrabbit Class

Some of the best front desk managers I know are still responsible for managing a staff schedule on a clipboard, staff timesheets in a binder, and payroll via an excel spreadsheet.

The amount of manhours this is costing you is one thing. But the sanity your office managers are losing is another altogether.

Ditch the binders of death and take advantage of the tools Jackrabbit Class offers. With staff scheduling, time clock access in the Staff Portal, and integration to Express Payroll, we’ve got you covered. Your staff will get paid while your front desk administrator finds a little more room for productivity in their day.

Learn more about the Express Payroll integration

Ways to automate processes in the future

Jackrabbit Class already has the ability to automate processes now, but that doesn’t mean it all stops here. Our product innovation plan for 2021 includes more enhancements with automation built in. We couldn’t be more pumped for what’s to come very soon!

  1. Set up tuition to post at the same time every week, month, or session.
  2. Schedule a batch of automatic credit card and bank draft payments.
  3. Complete portal enrollments for classes and events with payment.
  4. More flexibility on when registration fees automatically post for existing students or families.

Automation is just one part of Jackrabbit’s 2021 innovation plans. Get a look at all the enhancements and new releases to hit the Jackrabbit application in 2021!

Discover what’s to come in 2021
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About the Author:

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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