How to Prevent Chargebacks During COVID-19

chargebacks covid-19

– Updated April 15, 2020 – Running a business in the time of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is unprecedented. The world is working diligently to prevent the spread and fight this pandemic and it is of paramount importance that we do so. Unfortunately, as a result, our efforts have undesired consequences that will likely have […]

ePayments Provides a Complete Culture Change for Dance Davidson

Before and After ePayments enhancement in Jackrabbit Class

The thought of changing the way Dance Davidson collected payments was a little scary for Office Manager, Catherine Hahne. Jackrabbit understands that. Collecting money is the process that everything else in your business depends on. And even imagining that you can turn that into basically a 1-step processes is pretty unbelievable when you’re accustomed to […]

ePayments: Credit Cards vs. Bank Drafts

Out with the old, and in with the new. Credit Cards versus bank drafts.

 Do you know the difference between taking credit cards and use bank drafts? ePayments in Jackrabbit encompasses both the use of credit cards and ACH payments or bank drafts. It’s important to know how each one behaves in Jackrabbit. When you process a credit card in Jackrabbit, you will know immediately whether the funds have […]

ePayments: Partners’ Pricing Policy Rocks

Take your business to the next level with Jackrabbit ePayments.

Do you know that Jackrabbit has a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy for ePayment processing? Jackrabbit’s preferred payment partners are committed to providing you with the best ePayment* processing effective rates and they do it by offering “Meet or Beat” pricing. This means that you can forget about those “lower rates” you’ve been offered by […]

The 411 on Offering ePayments

A woman is entering her credit card information into a computer.

You’re likely to notice posts on several topics that fall under the “ePayments” features in Jackrabbit. You may be cheering “hurray!” And we know why! ePayments (or eCommerce, as you may have heard it called) is one of the more comprehensive areas of Jackrabbit. It is also one of the most critical because it is […]

ePayment Shopping – Buyer Beware!

ePayments in Jackrabbit are safe and secure.

Are you being approached by outside merchant processing vendors claiming to offer unbeatable merchant processing rates? Whether you are currently processing ePayments through Jackrabbit or are preparing to, be wary of their claims. They often times will offer a lower percentage rate per transaction but may fail to mention other fees you will be charged. […]

Refunds and Voids Back to Card are Quick and Easy in ePayment Processing

Jackrabbit Class can store you credit card or bank about information safely with Credit Card and Bank Account automated processing.

When you process your ePayments in Jackrabbit, you can also easily process refunds or voids directly back to the card that was originally used. To do this you select the “R” on the ePayment transaction and then follow a few simple prompts. What’s the difference in a Void and a Refund when processing them? It’s […]

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