ePayments Provides a Complete Culture Change for Dance Davidson

The thought of changing the way Dance Davidson collected payments was a little scary for Office Manager, Catherine Hahne.

Jackrabbit understands that. Collecting money is the process that everything else in your business depends on. And even imagining that you can turn that into basically a 1-step processes is pretty unbelievable when you’re accustomed to – and trust – the 6-step manual process that has gotten the job done for years.

But the truth – and the proof – is that technology provides a better way.

Implementing ePayments in Jackrabbit removed hours of work for Catherine Hahne of Dance Davidson. Here is her before and after story:

Catherine no longer has to go into individual accounts or even enter the credit card information to charge accounts. That is all done by the families when signing up for classes.

If there are any declined cards, the system automatically enters that into their family account and sends out an email letting them know their card was declined. This also lets Catherine know to charge the declined accounts for tuition.

Dance Davidson requires that all accounts pay via credit card, which totally eliminates delinquencies for them.

ePayments can be used for anything that a customer needs to pay for. Dance Davidson charges for merchandise, tickets to performances, and rental space for their studio.

And when it comes to refunding, Catherine notes the simplicity of how the ePayments feature handles this. Find the transaction and click on the “R” for refund. That’s it. The refund is sent to the credit card on file and an email is sent to the account email address alerting them that a refund is being applied.

“We definitely hesitated in switching to ePayments. It was a scary prospect trying something new. But I can’t imagine going back to checks and cash. Plus, you can charge any time of the day. No more waiting for bank hours. I would highly recommend using this feature.”

Start Your ePayments After Story Today

Listen to and watch Dance Davidson’s road to epayments processing here.

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