The 411 on Offering ePayments

Over the next few weeks and months, you’re likely to notice posts on several topics that fall under the “ePayments” features in Jackrabbit.

You may be cheering “hurray!” And we know why!

ePayments (or eCommerce, as you may have heard it called) is one of the more comprehensive areas of Jackrabbit. It is also one of the most critical because it is the area that gets you your money.

We want to help you understand the features and functionality that makes ePayments work for you so our experts have come up with some great blog posts in a “Do you know…” type format covering topics that give you the 411 on offering ePayments to your customers. We hope you become ePayments gurus by reading our blog post series!

“We definitely hesitated in switching to ePayments. It was a scary prospect trying something new. But I can’t imagine going back to checks and cash. Plus, you can charge any time of the day. No more waiting for bank hours. I would highly recommend using this feature.” Catherine Hahne, Office Manager, Dance Davidson

Read about Dance Davidson’s experience with ePayments.

Watch our Facebook fan page, and Facebook user group page where we will share links to our ePayments content as we develop it.  If we don’t post about a topic you want more knowledge on – let us know at

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