ePayment Shopping – Buyer Beware!

Are you being approached by outside merchant processing vendors claiming to offer unbeatable merchant processing rates? Whether you are currently processing ePayments through Jackrabbit or are preparing to, be wary of their claims. They often times will offer a lower percentage rate per transaction but may fail to mention other fees you will be charged.

Remember that Jackrabbit’s ePayment partners will meet or beat any legitimate offer to lower your effective rates!

Are you wondering how they will do this?

We thought you might, so here are the details:

  • They do a comprehensive review of your current or proposed rates and fees.
  • They then – at the very least – match them.

Quite simple, right?

Are you wondering why using an ePayment partner makes a difference?

Here are the details:

  • Choosing an ePayment Partner:

Everything about your ePayment process will be simpler if you use one of our preferred ePayment partners. For starters, you will benefit from completely integrated processing. And you will have the best support available.

  • Choosing a Non-Supported Partner:

Should you choose to go with a non-supported processor, your work effort will actually be duplicated because you will need to manually enter your payments and any refunds.

It’s also quite simple to see that this is NOT worth it!

Closely examining the processing deals that others offer to you is critical since what seems like subtle differences can turn into significant hidden fees and increased work effort.

Courtney Parfitt at Severna Park Gymnastics has seen tremendous value in using ePayments in Jackrabbit. The benefits of ePayments – time-savings, better cash flow, an appealing competitive advantage, and greater financial data accuracy – add up to increased revenue even when you account for the additional costs from a third party provider for processing credit cards. Courtney can’t imagine how they would do business without ePayments.

“I love the ePayment and credit card system interface in Jackrabbit because it makes it virtually effortless to run hundreds of credit cards each month. It is one of the single biggest changes we made that increased our revenue and decreased our A/R.

It also has increased our accuracy when contacting families who owe a balance because when a card is charged it gets automatically assigned to the right account. Before, we were trying to match paper credit card slips to accounts and having to do data entry that sometimes went wrong, especially when the order was taken on the phone order and no last name appeared on the slip.

Another plus is that parents can log in and change their card or pay their balance when cards get compromised because Jackrabbit sends them an e-mail notice that there was a problem with the card. Jackrabbit’s ePayments makes our lives much easier!”

CLICK HERE to schedule a time to chat with an ePayment Specialist. Learn more about ePayments.


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