Refunds and Voids Back to Card are Quick and Easy in ePayment Processing

When you process your ePayments in Jackrabbit, you can also easily process refunds or voids directly back to the card that was originally used. To do this you select the “R” on the ePayment transaction and then follow a few simple prompts.

What’s the difference in a Void and a Refund when processing them?

It’s simply timing.

  • If you realize that an ePayment was mistakenly processed BEFORE your Settlement time*, you will be directed to VOID the transaction when you click on the “R”.
  • If you come to this realization AFTER your Settlement time*, you will be directed to REFUND the payment.

All of this is done directly from the family’s transaction tab.

You can’t get much quicker or easier than this!

Terilynne Knox of Dance Davidson talks about how awesome ePayments is – including the ease at which refunds are applied.

“The refund process in Jackrabbit’s ePayment is a great feature!  All you need to do is find the transaction and click on the “R” for refund.  That’s it.  The refund is sent to their credit card and an email is sent letting them know a refund is being applied.

We definitely hesitated to switch to ePayments.  It was a scary prospect trying something new.  But now I can’t imagine going back to checks and cash.  I would highly recommend using this feature.  Plus, you can charge any time of the day.  No more waiting for bank hours.”

*Settlement time is the designated time when all ePayments are sent to the merchant processor. You can work with your ePayment partner to adjust this time to suit your needs.

Learn more about ePayments.

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