ePayments: Partners’ Pricing Policy Rocks

Do you know that Jackrabbit has a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy for ePayment processing?

Jackrabbit’s preferred payment partners are committed to providing you with the best ePayment* processing effective rates and they do it by offering “Meet or Beat” pricing.

This means that you can forget about those “lower rates” you’ve been offered by various vendors, because – if you’re offered a legitimately lower ePayment processing rate – Jackrabbit’s payment partners will meet that rate or in some cases actually beat it.

Jenn Buckton at Turning Pointe Academy of Dance knows all about this. “Jackrabbit and SafeSave as partners were amazing at ensuring that we got the best rates for ePayment processing – especially because we’re in Canada. They made sure that we were not losing money and that, by choosing their combined services, we were switching to a more automated system for processing our ePayments. They were also fast and organized which helped while prepping during our busy season.”

Adam Barret at Temecula Dance Company, a satisfied Jackrabbit customer for many years, thinks ePayment features are a great asset. “With the ability to integrate our payment gateway with Jackrabbit, we can easily process all credit card transactions and refunds directly in the Jackrabbit system so that family accounts are immediately up to date. Though linked to Jackrabbit for easy processing, customer credit card information is stored and encrypted in our MSP’s gateway vault for security. Reasons for declined transactions provide information that helps us to best follow up with customers. We’ve switched to one of Jackrabbit’s credit card processing partners for the most streamlined experience and they were able to beat our previous pricing. With the option to process ePayments individually or in batches, we’ve been able to improve our efficiency and accuracy with accounts. With customizable settings, this info is also available to customer for viewing and editing via their Parent Portal.”

With this “Meet or Beat” policy, you can be confident that, in your decision to choose Jackrabbit and any of its payment partners, you’re getting the best deal and the best system for processing ePayments.

(*ePayments in Jackrabbit encompasses both the use of credit cards and ACH payments or bank drafts)

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