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Top Trends For Gymnastics Gyms

With the release of the 2022 Industry Benchmark Report, gymnastics gyms can get insight into previous and upcoming trends. We’re highlighting the top four trends that you should consider for your gym.

Flexible payment options

Last year, Jackrabbit released a billing dream team – automated tuition posting, processing, and more robust registration fee options. Not only did this make gymnastics gym owners’ lives easier, but they began to see the benefits when tuition hit their bank quicker. 

With the option to automate tuition posting, gym owners began to drive their parents toward the parent portal. This allowed for credit card updating and eliminated the need for a paper trail. 

New Revenue Streams

Youth activity center owners are a resilient bunch. In the last few years, owners took a look at how they created revenue and sought out new revenue streams. This included anything from hosting additional summer camp options to selling underperforming locations and purchasing new locations in higher-performing markets. 

Staff Enablement 

While 2021 was a tough year for staff recruitment and retention, gymnastics gym owners strapped in and refocused their efforts on how to build a positive gym culture, efficiency, and retain staff for the long run. 

When it comes to managing staff, gymnastics gyms have stepped up their game when using the staff portal and time clock. This increases your ability to communicate and reduce error when it comes to scheduling and payroll. 

Enhanced Security and Protections

While updating COVID-related policies was a ‘must’ for gymnastics gyms, most gyms didn’t stop there. 2022 has seen a growing trend in updating and changing policies regarding expectations for absences, makeups, tuition, late fees, and much more. 

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