SafeSport compliant at your gymnastics gym

How to stay SafeSport compliant at your gym with Jackrabbit Class

Here at Jackrabbit Class, not only do we help youth activity center owners manage a successful program, but we also assist gym owners in making sure their facility is a safe place for athletes. Ensuring that your staff and students feel secure when they hit the mat is something we don’t take lightly.

Through our support and partnership with organizations like USA Gymnastics, we know that staying SafeSport compliant is something that stays top of mind. Why not make that easier with the powerful features and integrations we offer? Let’s explore what safety and security with Jackrabbit Class looks like with a little Q&A!

How can Jackrabbit Class assist with hiring and staffing?

Hiring the right people is something that takes time, effort, and commitment. Making sure a prospective coach has the skill set you are looking for is definitely important, but furthermore, you want to ensure they are properly qualified and certified to work with your gymnasts. That’s where the Jackrabbit Class + Yardstik integration comes in.

Yardstik, Jackrabbit’s newest integration partner, is a human security platform that assists in initiating background checks and confirming current certifications. Now you can initiate screening directly within the Jackrabbit application. Whether you are doing your due diligence on a prospective coach or you’re verifying existing staff’s background is clean every two years, the process is straightforward with a pay-as-you-go billing schedule – meaning, you only pay for the screens you need at the time of screening.

Not only can you feel confident about the staff you have on the gym floor, but parents and students will feel at ease knowing that you’ve found great coaches! Interested in learning more about Yardstik?

Discover the benefits of Yardstik now

How can you keep track of staff screenings and certifications in Jackrabbit?

With Yardstik’s background screening platform integration, you have access to the results report within the Jackrabbit application. Not only can you access the report from the Active Staff list, but you can also attach a copy in the Resources tab for that particular staff member. This is especially helpful when you are doing annual or bi-annual reviews on certifications.

In addition to keeping a copy of the report on the staff member’s record, you can also track any certifications required by the staff member so your Jackrabbit dashboard will alert you who has certifications due in the next 30 days and who is overdue for their certifications. Quick access to this information makes it incredibly easy to communicate and send reminders to those staff members.

If you’re a Jackrabbit client and you’re looking to improve how to track staff screening and certifications, connect with our Support Experts now!

How can Jackrabbit Class help with transparency in your gym?

A major component of the SafeSport policy that gyms must abide by is offering transparency on the gym floor, giving parents access to training. While this can include parents being in the gym while their athlete is training, it can also include giving parents access to live streaming while their athlete is on the floor.

Spot TV, the industry’s #1 secure live streaming platform for youth activity centers, is a great way to give your parents the option to watch their child train from anywhere. Whether they are in the parking lot or across the country for a work meeting, they can log into the Jackrabbit Parent Portal during their child’s class time and see exactly what they are working on while keeping your gym SafeSport compliant.

In addition to keeping security top of mind by only allowing parents to access live streaming during class time for their students, Spot TV also ensures that parents aren’t taking screenshots or screen recording classes through Stream Shield technology.

From connecting to your existing cameras or installing a brand-new camera system with the streaming service, Spot TV helps you create the best experience for your families and staff so you can ensure your facility is safe for everyone! Want to learn more about what live streaming could look like at your gym?

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How can Jackrabbit help you manage live streaming in your gym?

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal is where all the magic happens! Spot TV’s viewing portal integrates directly into the Parent Portal so that your families only have to go to one place that they’re already familiar with!

In order to help you prepare your families for a new and exciting view into the gym, Spot TV will provide you with customizable release forms that can be tied into your class policies with your standard media release, as well as front door decals and marketing brochures to help get you started successfully.

And if your gym is looking to grow revenue with live streaming that builds a connection with families like no other, Jackrabbit makes it easy to add a technology fee monthly or annually in a matter of a few clicks. At the end of the day, parents will see this insight into their students’ classes and progress as priceless! (—>Check out the benefits of live streaming with Jackrabbit + Spot TV)

Jackrabbit Class is class management software for the industry, by the industry. That’s why we understand the importance of keeping your gym safe and secure by SafeSport standards. Get started for free today and start enjoying the benefits that protect you, your families, and your staff.

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