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Staying Safe Sport Compliant While Reopening Your Gym

In light of recent events, Jackrabbit Class, USA Gymnastics, and Spot TV joined forces to support gyms and other youth activity centers that are facing the challenge of reopening after unexpected or extended closures. We focused on virtual viewing rooms, budget-friendly options for the immediate future, and how you can stay Safe Sport compliant during reopening. If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar on demand!


With a common goal to help gyms safely reopen, working together to provide guidance to gyms all over was a no-brainer. We had a lot of great questions asked that we found to be pretty popular over the youth activity center space, so we decided to share them in case you find them helpful as well!

Where can you go to find out when your gym might be scheduled to open?

Since it is different everywhere, it is important to look at regulations for your state and county. You can find information by state here and some additional resources for our industries here.

If you still aren’t sure where you fit, reach out to some local businesses that are similar to yours in your community to see if they can share guidelines they have found!

What are the Safe Sport policies surrounding live broadcasting of kids in the gym?

Safe Sport policy related to live web-based broadcasting is not covered under policy. It is important that any system used is protected with password and encryption, so all necessary steps have been taken to mitigate potential hacking. Parents would need to understand that live webcasting is being used. Additionally, online viewing options do cover the Safe Sport Policy “Parental access to Training” requirement.

If the live streaming system goes down either on Spot TV end or the gym end and parents are not able to view live, are we in compliance with Safe Sport?

Unfortunately, hardware failure or internet outages are an inevitable part of operations. However, if both parties are doing their due diligence, your system or streaming resolution typically happens within a day or two (based on the issue, i.e., network or hardware). Also, hardware failures are typically later in the system’s years, so this would most likely occur outside of the COVID-based lobby limitations. The Safe Sport Department at USA Gymnastics would take any report that comes in related to equipment failure and consider the entire situation in totality before responding. So for example, did the club work diligently to respond as quickly as possible? Did they communicate with the families and offer alternatives until the solution was fixed? Equipment failure doesn’t necessarily violate the policy in isolation.

Should we, as gyms, put something on our waiver saying there are cameras in the building?

Your standard media release forms should cover much of the same language, but Spot TV does provide customers with customizable release forms for both parents and employees that can be included in enrollment packets. Spot TV also supplies front door decals, marketing brochures, and more tools to get you started.

How does the process start with Spot TV from the parents’ side?

Parents will register online. You will be notified via email of the registration and can login into your dashboard to manage the new user’s account!

With Spot TV, can we limit what areas a parent has access to view, or do parents have access to all cameras?

You can limit the camera views and the scheduled access. Many gyms allow for the floor to be viewed during business hours as it is the same as if they were onsite during class time.

Does the security Spot TV uses make sure that only the parents are allowed to view? Is it possible for someone to get their login?

Only if the login is shared. Sharing login information is against Spot TV’s terms of use and is typically not an issue with families.

How can Spot TV ensure that parents aren’t recording live-streamed classes from another device?

Spot TV uses Stream Shield and parents have to agree to the terms of use, including not creating any derivatives of video. It is similar language and policy design of trying to record a movie while sitting in a movie theater. Users understand that unauthorized recording, duplication, or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Copyrighted work includes all web streaming and video/audio data and recordings.

What is the suggestion or best practice for charging parents a small fee for access to Spot TV?

While Spot TV is super budget-friendly, 30 percent of locations partnering with Spot TV charge a nominal fee. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Annual Tech Fee included during registration
  • Tiered Pricing (i.e. Tumbler Class is $40, but you can sign up for Tumbler+ for $45 and have access to Spot TV, discount at the pro shop, and T-shirt)
  • Add-on fee for specific users

Are there ways to utilize some of the Spot TV features to stream virtual classes and camps this summer if we aren’t able to be physically open?

Spot TV has the ability to turn on the audio. Good sound will depend on camera placement to meet the needs of your classes and camps. Many Spot TV customers are supplementing live streaming, however, they are still using Zoom in some class scenarios. It depends on the class content, age of the group, reopening guidelines, etc.

Is there a commitment to Spot TV for a specified amount of time?

If Spot TV isn’t supplying equipment, there isn’t a commitment. If Spot TV supplies equipment, typically it’s a 24-month commitment.

Is there a limit of users that can stream at one time?

Spot TV will need a minimum amount of bandwidth from your network, but the assessment is made early on in your discovery call process. Spot TV reviews your facility size, number of kids, number of cameras, etc. to determine.

As you work through your reopening plan, it is safe to say that Spot TV, USA Gymnastics, and Jackrabbit Class are here to support you through the process!

If you are interested in learning more about Spot TV, set a discovery call with their experts to learn how Spot TV can become an added feature for your youth activity center!

Schedule a discovery call with Spot TV


Not sure why Spot TV is the best out there? Use this checklist to help you shop for your live streaming service!

Download the live streaming checklist


Ready to reopen your gym? USA Gymnastics has a detailed guide to help you reopen your gym safely.

Download the safe reopening guide


Make sure you not only prepare your facility but also educate your staff and effectively communicate with parents when it comes to your reopening plan.

Ultimate guide to reopening your gym

About the Author:

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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