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Work Smarter: How Jackrabbit Class Can Help You Ensure Accurate Billing

Posting tuition. One of the most important (yet daunting) jobs you could have when working at any kind of youth activity center. That’s how you make sure the right amount of money is coming in. Holding this position takes a lot of responsibility – am I right?

Not to mention, parents won’t necessarily tell you if you don’t charge them enough. But, if you charge them too much (even by accident), that is the quickest they will respond to an email. Either way, you want parents to trust that you are billing them the correct amount each month.

Checks and Balances: How to be sure you posted tuition correctly

With the great responsibility of posting tuition, you must have checks and balances in place to make sure you are getting the job done and doing it well. How can Jackrabbit help make your life easier?

Easy! Pairing together a powerful function and a comprehensive report will have you confident every time you post tuition, no matter how often!

Posting tuition fees to all of your accounts at once

Jackrabbit released a new and improved version of Post Tuition Fees (around here, we like to call it ‘PTF’ for short) last year that allows for the same mass posting capabilities that were always there but with more speed and accuracy. This is especially helpful for streamlining your billing process if you offer discounts and or prorate tuition.

Post Tuition Fees considers who is enrolled during your selected billing cycle and posts tuition accordingly. Taking all the guesswork out of who should have tuition posted, tuition prorated for an early drop or a late enrollment, or no tuition at all.

The amount of time you can save in your billing process will allow you to focus on other office tasks or building on that trusting relationship with the families coming in and out of the facility.

“The accuracy of billing for our parents has gotten their attention. It’s as close to error-free as the complexities of billing more than 2400 parents could be!“


This feature is powerful on its own, but pairing this function with a new report, ensures that you’re bound for success and confident in each tuition posting!

Checking the Tuition Not Posted Report

Posting tuition is one thing. But needing to confirm everything is right for sanity’s sake is another. The new Tuition Not Posted Report was created just for that reason! In a nutshell, this report searches for students that are enrolled in classes, but do not have a Tuition Fee posted for each class.


Not seeing the report in your report list? Make sure you have the permission for the Tuition Not Posted Report added to your User ID!

4 tips for using Jackrabbit’s new reporting feature

When you are incorporating a new report or feature into your workflow, it is important to make sure you get the best results. Remember these processes when posting tuition.

Consistency with tuition posting

Each tuition fee posted should be associated with a student and a class so Jackrabbit can determine what hasn’t been posted. This is most important when you are manually posting fees for students that enroll after tuition has been mass posted.

Using Fixed Fees

Student and family fixed fees that have not expired will be considered in the results. The date ranges you use in the search criteria are critical in serving up the correct results for fixed fees.

Clearing items from the report

If a student appears on the report but there is a tuition fee posted for the class, the only way for this student to be removed from the report is to add the missing class details to the tuition fee.

Transferring students to another class

If a student transfers classes, the class they transferred out of will show in the results if the class on the original tuition fee is not updated.

Learning more pro tips and best practices

Here at Jackrabbit, our goal is to make your life easier! We have compiled best practices in our Help Center – some from our staff and some from client experiences.

But, even better! Pro tips and best practices like the tuition posting process above are exactly the kind of take away you get when you attend our BOOST conference. Our conference in Las Vegas is still open – snag a spot while you can!

Learn more and register today!

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