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Building an Incentive Program to Promote Engagement and Long-Term Retention

At the heart of every good youth activity center is a staff that loves their jobs, but in a competitive job market, youth activity center owners face the challenge of not only hiring the right staff but also retaining them long-term. Luckily it’s a challenge you don’t have to take on alone! It can be difficult to keep employees engaged, that’s why we turned to an expert in the field for tips on ways to structure your business to keep employees happy and your center running smoothly. Enter Dan Berzansky with our latest webinar, “Building an Incentive Program to Promote Engagement and Long-Term Retention!”

Follow along as Dan Berzansky of Premier Aquatics and OneTeam360 delves into all things incentives – Why we need them, expected outcomes from implementing them, and most importantly, the “do’s” you should aim for and the “don’ts” that you should aim to avoid.

Tune in for information and advice on:
1. Why we need to focus on engagement
2. The actual link between engagement and retention
3. Do’s and Don’ts of building an incentive program, and more!

Though you may have missed the chance to watch and interact live during the original broadcast, you can still learn about building an incentive program at your youth activity center on your own time by checking out the on-demand recording below.

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