• Proven Strategies to Hire Faster, Manage Better, and Retain Longer

Webinar Recap: Proven Strategies to Hire Faster, Manage Better, and Retain Longer

When it comes to webinars, here at Jackrabbit always want to be sure that our topics and speakers offer useful and actionable advice for attendees which is why partnering with Dan Berzansky, CEO of OneTeam360, as a presenter was a no-brainer. Dan, a Jackrabbit user from way back, is an expert on staffing, employee retention, and employee motivation. So much so, that he launched OneTeam360 to help other companies succeed in these areas as well. 

In this webinar, Dan led attendees through his experiences in the hiring and employee retention process, citing real-life examples from his own businesses like OneTeam360 and beyond. 

What are the best staffing strategies for youth activity centers?

Running a successful youth activity center can’t be done alone! You need a stellar staff to help you carry your vision into reality, but how do you not only find the right people but also keep them around and help them grow? It all starts with the points below:

Streamlining your staff hiring process

  • When to utilize paid ads on Indeed
  • Single applicant vs. group Interviews
  • How to create an attractive job listing and follow through with it

Grow more effective managers

  • Incentivizing growth
  • How to use promotions
  • Creating a sense of shared purpose

Create a company culture that fosters retention

  • Orientation – An experience, not a lecture
  • Democracy over a dictatorship
  • Surveys and how to use them

If you were unable to watch this webinar live, don’t worry, there’s still a way to get all of these valuable tips on staffing, employee retention and more! Watch the full recording below or on our Youtube Channel

About the Author:

With experience in children’s entertainment and a love for writing, Christian is always looking for exciting ways to spread the word about Jackrabbit and just how much of a game-changer it can be for youth activity centers. As a member of Jackrabbit’s Marketing team, Christian works on introducing Jackrabbit to new people and keeping them informed on the latest and greatest through social media, webinars and more. In their free time, you can find them cooking or writing music!

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