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15 Body Language Blunders

Doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a parent, staff member, or child, they read your body language. This is from LinkedIn Pulse Newsletter and just makes a lot of sense: Leaning back too much — you come off lazy or arrogant. Leaning forward — can seem aggressive. Aim for a neutral posture. Breaking eye contact […]

Raising Prices: When is the Time Right?

Here are some tips that we’ve done our own proof of effectiveness on in the Patti’s All American gym. Your parents can make some comments that definitely get you thinking but don’t react to their comments. Do your own research and do the right thing for your business. Note Patti’s advice on how to drive […]

Wheel of Fortune is a Hit

This might not be a new idea but it’s one we are using again and really like. At my gym kids have a chance to win fun prizes. They can spin the wheel if they join a 2nd class, for their birthday, when they achieve a new skill, and if they’re new to my gym. […]

Compassionate Leadership

It’s easy to be nice at work, but do you carry that home to the spouse and the kids? It’s the old proverbial fact that we are the least patient, most easily irritated, possibly down-right mean to those closest to us. Why do we do that? I just know after all these years what makes […]

20 Ideas for Great Customer Service Volume 3

The last two weeks I emailed you 40 ideas for great customer service. This list makes a total of 60 ideas! I hope you got a few new customer service concepts to put into your gym. Some readers have emailed and asked me specifics on some of the ideas. All the ideas are discussed in detail in DVD […]

20 Great Customer Service Ideas – Vol I.

No business can succeed without outstanding customer service. As the saying goes, it’s not a department, it’s an attitude. I’ve listed 60 ideas and broken it into three volumes. You will receive Volume 2 & 3 the next two Tuesdays. Friendly, knowledgeable people answering phones and manning the front desk 12 hours a day. Don’t have an automated service, […]

Patti’s Loyalty Card Program

  Reward your customers with the opportunity to earn loyalty “prizes”! Every customer receives our new Loyalty Card… one card per child with two ways to win.  First way to win: [There are nine boxes and each box says something different.] 1. Like us on Facebook 2. Enroll in two swim classes 3. Take a private lesson […]