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Do You Have An Employee Safety Statement?

It may make your insurance agent very happy to know that you’ve written an Employee Safety Statement to help prevent employee injuries in your facility. Patti Komara wrote one for her gym, Patti’s All American, at the recommendation of her insurance agent after some Worker’s Comp claims had been made. Here is Patti’s Employee Safety […]

10 Things You Should Know About Your Business

10 Things You Should Know About Your Business (Tech-wise) Some important stuff just needs to be available on paper in case your computer dies, or you’re not in the office and someone else needs this info. You can keep track of all of this in a spreadsheet or text document, but you need to print […]

Disarming Agitation

I love nothing better than sharing the things that have helped to make my gym successful and I try to keep it simple. My advice for disarming an agitated parent? It’s as simple as two words: “I agree.” Think about times when you were that agitated parent. Wouldn’t it have made you feel better just […]

The 6 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

I love group interviews. I take about 6-10 prospective employees and ask them questions… any can answer first. I see who is assertive, likes to take the lead, and has their own answers. Some of my favorite questions for teachers are, What do you do with a child who isn’t participating? What does integrity mean […]

How Do You Handle a Problem with Someone On Your Staff?

When I first started in business, I used to avoid them. I was a people-pleaser. I wanted everyone to be happy and to like me. But the reality is, if you’re the leader and you’re not addressing problems within your staff, the person you’re avoiding may be happy, but the others are not. Your lack […]

Time To Raise Prices

We just raised prices January 17th. We were already 10% more than our competitors, but I know we need to raise prices every year to stay at the level of profit needed to be the superior gym. The problem this year was we have a year-round schedule. That means there is not time during the […]

How to Teach the Splits

Teach your gymnasts how to do a split at the end of class. Why? Watch the video below to find out and see my other tips for teaching splits. International speaker and gymnastics school owner Patti Komara offers video downloads and e-books on: lesson plans, staff training, and how to run a successful gymnastics school […]