Two kids playing in a ball pit.

4 Ways to Keep Kids for the Summer

Tips from those who know gymnastics is always helpful! Here are 4 great tips from Patti Komara on how to keep your students around for the summer:

#4 Keep the schedule the same as you’ve had all year. If you have autopay and keep the schedule the same, parents just keep paying. Oftentimes before they realize it, they have paid for June. Then they just stay all summer.

#3 Keep the same staff. If there is one reason kids quit is a change in staff. If they aren’t going to have the same teacher or coach, they don’t feel that close connection to this activity and they might as well try something else.

#2 Convince mom that stopping for this time period will affect their progress. We know it will, but it’s your job to show the parents through skill charting, that this is NOT the time to stop the learning. The students’ progress might slide backwards and they could lose some skills.

#1 Make your classes in the summer sound so fun they just can’t stop now. Maybe you’re going to start a series for the three months this summer called, “Goal of the Month”. Focus on certain skills at each event making every level different and challenging. Give away great awards they don’t get during the school year and make a huge deal about it. Brainstorm with your staff right now how your gym can create or change something for the summer that is so powerful, they just CAN’T quit.


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