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Do You Have An Employee Safety Statement?

It may make your insurance agent very happy to know that you’ve written an Employee Safety Statement to help prevent employee injuries in your facility. Patti Komara wrote one for her gym, Patti’s All American, at the recommendation of her insurance agent after some Worker’s Comp claims had been made. Here is Patti’s Employee Safety Statement. It might help you in writing yours.

Employee Safety Statement

  1. Prioritize safety to always protect students first, then staff members.
  2. Always warm-up before teaching or moving equipment.
  3. Don’t tumble unless demonstrating and demonstrate a lot.
  4. Don’t lift more or demonstrate more than you are capable of.
  5. After any accident or safety incident, always review what happened and how it could have been prevented.
  6. Always keep children in your field of vision.
  7. Direct supervision is one-on-one training. Indirect supervision is like general supervision.
  8. Our mission statement addresses safety, to teach gymnastics/dance/swim in a fun, safe environment and encourage students.
  9. In any emergency (a severely broken bone, suspected head, neck, or back injury) call 911 and keep parents and students calm.
  10. Know ahead of time and rehearse in your mind EXACTLY what you would do in an emergency when you’re in charge.
  11. Staff should practice emergency procedures at least two times per year.
  12. Equipment inspection must occur monthly and kept in computer file.
  13. Do not let children on Tumbl Trak or trampoline with only socks or regular shoes. Gymnastics shoes are the best.
  14. If an accident occurs, stop, talk, observe, and then prevent further injury.
  15. All instructors should have current certifications in CPR, First Aid, and working towards USA Gymnastics Safety.
  16. Make sure all students understand and use SLP –Safe Landing Position.
  17. Before each shift your manager will review any safety concerns for that lesson.
  18. [Name] is our designated safety person for our staff.
  19. Remember that in a crisis, people sometimes don’t rise to the occasion; they sink to the level of their training.

Source: Patti Komara

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