The 6 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

I love group interviews. I take about 6-10 prospective employees and ask them questions… any can answer first. I see who is assertive, likes to take the lead, and has their own answers.
Some of my favorite questions for teachers are,
  1. What do you do with a child who isn’t participating?
  2. What does integrity mean and why is it important in a job?
  3. How do you handle a child who is in a class too hard for them?
  4. Who is your boss?
  5. What’s the most important part of being a teacher?”
  6. My all-time favorite question for prospects is, “If you saw an employee stealing money out of the drawer, what would you do?” That really shows their character, leadership, and values.

Also, ask them, “If I saw your former employer at a picnic and ask her about you, what would she say?”

Good luck! Hiring staff is part gut, part wisdom, and part just plain luck.


What other questions do you make sure to always ask in an interview?

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