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Wheel of Fortune is a Hit

This might not be a new idea but it’s one we are using again and really like. At my gym kids have a chance to win fun prizes. They can spin the wheel if they join a 2nd class, for their birthday, when they achieve a new skill, and if they’re new to my gym. You can make it your own and pick your own special reasons… just have fun with it. We give away camps, candy filled water bottles, little toys, and just for extra fun we have four “Surprise” categories. It they land on the “Surprise” they get to peel back the label and see what they won. We’ve been telling parents the surprise is a puppy. They know we’re kidding but it makes them laugh. What else can you do in your own gym to make the atmosphere light and fun? You can try different ideas… maybe some will work and some may not. You never know unless you try. For more ideas I recently started doing in my gym and love… click here.

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