20 Ideas for Great Customer Service Volume 3

The last two weeks I emailed you 40 ideas for great customer service. This list makes a total of 60 ideas! I hope you got a few new customer service concepts to put into your gym. Some readers have emailed and asked me specifics on some of the ideas. All the ideas are discussed in detail in DVD #152 and I show samples in the accompanying book. Click below to check them out. Let me here from you if you were able to use some of these.
  1. Preschool parent exchange- At the end of a Parent & Tot Class, sit around and ask parents to share their ideas on various parenting topics such as toilet training, etc.
  2. Holiday cards in mail
  3. Thank you notes
  4. Get well cards
  5. Offer babysitting for siblings during parent and tot classes
  6. Give DVDs of their class for Christmas to the Parent and Tot Class
  7. PapaBear Night-a special open gym just for the kids and the Dads
  8. Mothers’ Day appreciation week (flowers, chocolates, candy, or cards)
  9. Speakers at your gym (policeman, fireman, nutritionist)
  10. Photos you take in class-e-mail to parents
  11. Business card bulletin board for members only
  12. $5 off appreciation coupon/send at least 20 per month to various customers
  13. List of moms and children’s names to class members (no phone numbers)
  14. Use their names in class
  15. Notice new hair style, nice outfit, new car
  16. Send baby cards, sympathy, thinking of you, etc
  17. Under promise and over deliver
  18. Backs and cushions on bleachers—make it comfortable for parents to stay and watch
  19. Clean bathrooms with diaper changing table, extra toilet paper, tampon container
  20. Air fresheners throughout the gym
  • Think relationships!
  • It’s in the details when running a business. The smallest effort sometimes can bring the biggest reward.
  • Dissect each move a parent and child makes in your business. How can you improve each of those experiences?These ideas are part of #152 Unbeatable Customer Service and are all explained in complete detail. Click here to purchase as an instant download. Prefer hard copy? Click here

About the Author:

In 1969, Patti Komara founded Patti’s All-American gymnastics in Dyer, Indiana and it has since become one of the most successful gyms with gymnastics, dance, swimming, and a fitness based nursery school called Gym-N-Learn. Patti began speaking at national seminars in 1981 on preschool and school-age gymnastics and the business of owning a gymnastics school. Patti has spoken for Purdue University and national seminars for AAHPERD, AAEYC, TMCA, USAIGC, IDEA, and USA Gymnastics. She began her national seminars in 1986 and began putting her speeches on videotape and DVDs and then founded Patti Komara’s Tumblebear Connection. Patti has since produced more than 80 instructional DVD’s for instructors and owners. Presently she has written and sells books on yearly lesson plans for The internationally know Tumblebear Gym Program, School-age Gymnastics, Dancing Gym Bears, Yoga Bears, CheerBears, Gym-N-Learn, and her newest book on her very successful swim program. Patti has written over 50 articles on the gymnastics business. In 1995 Patti was selected by USA Gymnastics to be a member f the committee that created the KAT preschool gymnastics certification program and co-authored the KAT workbook. In 2003 she was named USA Gymnastics Business Leader of the Year. In 2005 Patti was selected as Client of the Year by Action International and in 2006 was given the National Service Award by USA Gymnastics at their annual business conference.

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