Give Your Gymnasts a Bag List of What They Should Bring to Practice

What to put in your gym bacg

Whether your gymnasts are new to the sport or veterans on the mat, they can ensure that gymnastics practices are successful by being prepared. To help out, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of what your gymnasts should put in their gym bags. These 10 items are things that gymnasts of any level should […]

How Young is Too Young for Toddlers to Begin Gymnastics?

Toddlers enjoying gymnastics ball

Gymnastics can be great fun for both toddlers and their parents. Often, parents may not consider looking at a gymnastics gym for “toddler and me” classes for very young kids. They may assume that 12 or 18-month-old children are too young to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics classes. While these young toddlers may be too […]

Skin and Hair Dryness from Swimming? Protect Yourself Even in the Winter

A girls is swimming on her back in a pool.

Skin and hair can present challenges for everyone in the winter, but when it comes to swimmers there are many things at play that can cause itching and irritation. In order to address the root cause and have healthy and happy skin and hair, here are 5 important questions to ask. Why do swimmers get […]

Making Sense of Metrics That Measure Your Organization’s Success

making sense of metrics

If you’re like most business owners or administrators, when you start the process of setting metrics and goals for your youth activity center you can find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and buried in spreadsheets and the binders of death. It’s not uncommon to experience “information overload” when trying to measure business success. The best place to […]

Why Your Data is Safe in Jackrabbit

Data Security and Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is full of data – whether this data is your own like user permissions or account information, your organization’s parents’ data like their payment information, or your employees’ data like social security number or contact information.  Needless to say, there is some pretty sensitive data stored in your Jackrabbit database. With the importance of […]

Preparing for summer camp at your youth activity center

preparing for summer camps

School’s out for summer! Well, not really, but it will be before you know it.  That’s why you need to bring your A-game when preparing for summer camp season at your youth activity center. Why?  Summer camps are a great way to keep revenue flowing during the mid-year months for your swim school, gymnastics gym […]

6 Gymnastics Moves For Beginners

teacher helps student tumble

When it comes to gymnastics, there are many skill levels. With newer students, it is beneficial to start at the basics and work your way up. So, what are the basics? Here are six moves we think can create a foundation for your gymnastics students and provide the knowledge needed to learn advanced moves. 1. […]

The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Starting a Children’s Gym

Guide to growing your gymnastics gym

Opening any small business is an exciting, yet somewhat scary experience. The truth is that nearly half of small businesses in the United States will close within five years of opening. That statistic isn’t meant to alarm you, but rather to emphasize how critical planning and teamwork are to building a foundation for success that […]

9 things to do when opening a new business in the New Year

what to consider when opening a new business

There are many things to consider when opening a new business. Whether you’re launching a swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio, there are factors you must consider as a new business owner that are critical to your success.   If we’re being honest, they can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why we created this article to […]

Jackrabbit Class Integration with QuickBooks Online for Full Financial Insight

Get to know the QuickBooks & Jackrabbit integration

Having financial insight into how your business is doing is vital, no matter what kind of youth activity program you are running. You need to see revenue and expenses to get the full picture of the health of your swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio. While class management software helps you track accounts receivables […]

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