How To Capitalize On The Olympic Year

Capitalize on the Olympic year

The Olympic games are right around the corner! As excitement continues to build around the world, we’ve put together a list of 16 ways your youth activity center can capitalize on the Olympics- one for each day of the world-wide event.  16 ways to capitalize on the Olympic year  At Jackrabbit, we’ve historically seen a […]

5 Strategies to Help Make Sure Your Staff Stays With You

Tips to ensure your staff feel connected to your programs.

Summer is on the horizon and chances are you’re looking for ways to keep staff engaged during a time when they are in a more relaxed state of mind. Whether you’re concerned a few long-term coaches may say farewell or newer, part-time staff will churn– you can add these strategies to your toolbelt to help […]

Sweat the Legal Stuff for Your Children’s Gym (You’ll be Glad You Did)

Owner of a children's gym sweating the legal stuff for his business

You can’t fight the law. Once you decided to open a children’s gym, you raised a number of legal questions about how and where you’ll operate that gym. The time to review and resolve the legal issues that surround opening a children’s gym is early on in the business planning process. You’ll discover that your […]

4 Benefits of Enrolling your Child in Swim Classes

4 Benefits of Swim Lessons

With access to indoor and outdoor pools and many other water activity venues like lakes, beaches, rivers, and waterparks – every child needs to have swimming skills. And since swim class is the best place to learn how to swim, every parent should enroll their child in a swim class. 4 Key Reasons Each Child […]

Jackrabbit Swim Kicks Off Scholarship Donations in a Big Way

Covid 19 scholarship relief fund is providing swim lessons to those in need.

Jackrabbit Swim, the leading provider of cloud-based class management software for swim schools, has stepped up as the first donor in the Hope Floats Foundation COVID-19 Scholarship Relief Fund. With a $5,000, dollar per dollar match, Jackrabbit Swim fully supports the Foundation’s mission to increase the number of scholarships available for local families in need […]

Top 4 Features of the Best Kids’ Swim Schools

kids in pool with colorful floatation devices taking one of the best swim classes for children.

Today’s parents search online for the “best” of everything for their kids. Gone are the days when whatever facility is closest is the one they choose. To attract an optimal number of children and families to your swim school, you need to prove your mettle by outshining your competitors. Does your swim school offer the […]

What are Core Values and Why Your Youth Activity Center Needs Them

core values for your youth activity center

Let’s start with an example of a core value your youth activity center could have. Integrity is a key part of ‘who’ your youth activity center is. Integrity is highly valued: employees who believe in being honest, open, and truthful thrive at your center. Others who want to play politics, hide mistakes, and lie will […]

How to Handle Unexpected Staff Shortages

Handling staff shortages when the unexpected happens

How does your center survive unexpected staff shortages? Staff shortages can be brought on by a number of reasons from sick leave to catastrophic events or to care for a loved one. Whatever the reason, your program can take a real hit if you’re not prepared for unexpected shortages. Your focus has been held hostage […]

The Role of Swim Coaches and How They Influence Athletes

A great coach wears many hats

Sports can be a vehicle for positive development, prompting learning, achievement and development. Engagement in sports can foster personal growth – there are even studies that suggest sports can promote well-being and academic achievement. Coaches are in the position to be a positive force Coaches are there to produce positive outcomes – whether that be […]

Benefits and Challenges of Co-Owning a Youth Activity Center with Your Spouse

What happens when you are both spouse & owner.

Often youth activity centers are owned by teams of two. We know these teams to be comprised of friends who are business partners, parents and children or siblings, and married couples. Let’s take a closer look at owning a youth activity center as part of a married team and bring together details that many of […]

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