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Text Formatting Added to Statements

Statement headers and footers have had text formatting options added to them in Edit Settings>Statements, Statements Email, and Statements Print. This text formatter option works differently than the same option in Email Families because you cannot just type in the text boxes. Instead, the text formatting in Statement headers and footers requires that you click […]

Fuel Awareness by Sharing Experiences

Sharing heartfelt stories is a well-known and used marketing method that is not lost on those promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. I shared a brief version of my story earlier in the month. I asked one of my co-workers to share her thoughts on the importance of promoting awareness of the impact that breast cancer can […]

Fun Halloween Metrics

What better than to spook up your day than some Halloween metrics! Here are some Did You Knows that you can use to impress your friends and co-workers! Did you know that: 49.5% of households will decorate their home and/or yard 43.9% of people plan to wear costumes Popular adults’ costumes: 13.4% will go as […]

Position Available: Marketing Project Specialist

Please go to this link to apply: https://jackrabbit.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=12 Job based from Huntersville, North Carolina About us Jackrabbit Technologies is a company with a great culture that revolves around working hard while having fun and delivering excellence! Our management philosophy is to hire people passionate about what they do, give them the right tools to do their […]

Staff Portal Settings Auto-Marks Attained Skills

This is very exciting! The Staff Portal now automatically marks skills as attained when all subskills are attained. The only thing you need to do to take advantage of this is to make sure your new setting (Update Skill/Level date attained when all Subskills are attained) is set to “yes.” The default for this setting […]

We Care: It’s Why We Do What We Do

Jackrabbit is a very purpose-driven company. There was a reason our founders started the company. They saw that some of their friends and business acquaintances needed technology that would help them run their gyms. They cared enough about this need to build software that would do that. It started out as a side business that […]