Wicked fun Halloween ideas for kids

Halloween Classroom Ideas That Will ‘Wow’ Your Studio’s Children and Parents

With October’s arrival comes one of our favorite holidays: Halloween. And while you may think Halloween’s popularity is due to the over-abundance of candy, or the opportunity for children and adults to act with ridiculousness like walking around their neighborhoods in homemade to designer costumes, ring doorbells and shout nonsense, don’t be misled. 

Halloween is very popular with parents because it is cheaper to “produce” than Christmas and Thanksgiving and still provide lots of fun for kids. It does however, still rank 3rd in popularity behind Christmas and Thanksgiving – which have their obvious benefits.


Celebrating Halloween brings with it playing games, doing activities and often making edible or not-so-edible spooky, gooey and gross food and crafts. Some of the favorites are included for you to consider incorporating into your games for your students. 

Halloween Games for Gymnastics and Swim Classes

Have you ever thought about having a Halloween-themed breathing game for your swim students? Or an entire week of Halloween activities for gymnastics classes? You can see lots of ideas for preschool Halloween gymnastics fun and Trick or Treat obstacle courses on Pinterest.

There are things you can do besides play Halloween games and make Halloween treats, too. Have you students dress in costumes that are related to their sport. Here are some swimming-related Halloween related costumes for children from our friends at Little Otter Swim School.

Bump up the fear factor a little by adding Halloween themed projections to your pool or incorporating spooky Jack-o’-lanterns into your gym’s decorations for the month of October.

10 Halloween Games for Dance Studios

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be looking for some creative ways to incorporate fun games and activities into your studio. There are lots of fun ones to choose from, so we’ve done the research for you. Here are our top 10 Halloween games for dance studios:

  1. Monster Freeze – Children dance like zombies until the music stops, at which point they must freeze like a statue.
  2. Broomstick Relays
  3. Musical Pumpkins
  4. Mummy Wraps
  5. Pumpkin Push
  6. Thriller
  7. Toad Hops
  8. Witches Broth
  9. Witches Whispers
  10. Dead Zombies

Tune up your facility’s Halloween Activities

Looking for music to play while little goblins roam your swim, gym or dance facility? One can never go wrong with playing these Halloween songs in class:

Halloween games for children’s parties

Does your offer facility rentals for private parties? If you offer this service, you understand it’s sometimes impossible to select one fun game per party. That’s why we wanted to highlight these fun, useful games to implement at your youth activity facility.

Happy Haunting!

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