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When Should Children NOT Go Swimming?

Regardless of how much a child loves to be in the pool for swim lessons there are some times that it may not be best for them to take to the water. The Mayo Clinic provides answers to three questions that are often asked about kids and swimming. These may be the basis for some guidelines that you establish in your facility or just good information to have on hand or on your blog for parents.

Can children who have casts go swimming?

It depends on the type of cast:

Plaster cast. If your child has a plaster cast over cloth wrapping, he or she must stay out of the water. Trying to protect a plaster cast with plastic bags generally isn’t effective.

Fiberglass cast. If your child has a fiberglass cast that’s lined with a water-repellent liner, it’s usually OK to swim — as long as you have the doctor’s OK. After swimming, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the inside of the cast with clean water. Generally, you can allow the cast to air-dry.

Can children swim if they have ear tubes?

If your child has ear tubes — tiny cylinders placed through the eardrum to drain fluid and allow air into the middle ear — ask his or her doctor about ear protection for swimming. Some doctors recommend that children who have ear tubes wear earplugs or swimming caps while swimming to prevent bacteria from entering the middle ear. However, routine use of earplugs may only be needed when children dive or swim in untreated water, such as lakes and rivers.

Can children swim when they’re sick or have cuts and scrapes?

It’s fine for children who have colds or other minor illnesses to swim, as long as they feel well enough to do so. Likewise, it’s OK for children to swim with cuts and scrapes — as long as the wounds aren’t bleeding.


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