• Jackrabbit Friday 5. Stand out with Spot TV

Jackrabbit’s Friday Five: Stand out with Spot TV’s live streaming integration

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Jackrabbit Friday Five. But this time, I’ve got some special guests joining the conversation. Bobby Franzo and Sam Slater from Spot TV are helping me get you ready to raise the bar at Jackrabbit BOOST 2021.

Without giving too much away, I did a quick interview with Bobby and Sam to give a sneak peek into what they plan to talk about during their session. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, it’s not too late. —> Register now!

Q&A with Jackrabbit Class and Spot TV

1. As lobbies begin to reopen, are you seeing any change in Spot TV usage?

Based on the data pulled before, during, and after the onset of the pandemic, 92% of our partner centers are seeing levels at or above pre-pandemic usage. It’s very encouraging to see these statistics and we are going to dive deeper into the how and why during our session. The takeaway is, live streaming is a long-term solution for youth activity centers that’s here to stay.

2. Where are you seeing the biggest value add coming from Spot TV for partner centers?

There are two very important phases in the Spot TV customer life cycle – early on in the trust phase and a long-term engagement phase. Spot TV is a powerful tool that’s being leveraged in both phases of the customer journey to build that trust in new relationships and then continue to engage for years to come.

3. How has the feedback been on the early phases of the Jackrabbit integration and what’s on the horizon?

We know everyone is busy and they don’t have extra time to manage something else. Our early integration was groundbreaking and tremendous in admin efficiency. We have a few more connection points on the horizon that will create a full user-sync experience. After that, we can focus on more fun bells and whistles to create a one-stop shop for the future.

4. What is just one of the many ROI opportunities that centers are seeing with Spot TV?

There are a handful of ways to help centers generate additional revenue using Spot TV. The most important is parent engagement that carries through the life cycle of the customer. Sometimes parents aren’t able to leave the office in time to watch a class at the facility. Using Spot TV at your facility also creates an experience for out-of-town grandparents to watch their grandchildren in class who may be paying for lessons. We’ll dive deeper into the ways partner centers are creatively generating revenue through live streaming classes during our upcoming session at BOOST.

5. How can Jackrabbit clients connect with you?

There are a few ways you can get in touch with Spot TV. They offer both 5-minute discovery calls and 20-minute demos. Also, Bobby, Sam, and their teammate, Maria, can be found at Jackrabbit BOOST in their session, at the partner Q&A panel, roundtable discussions, and their booth.

Spot TV’s breakout session, Step Up & Stand Out: Evolving Your Brand Experience with Spot TV, is just one of many captivating sessions hosted by our lineup of guest speakers and Jackrabbit experts. Spots are limited but there’s still time to grab your ticket before the live event!

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