A guide on how to rock Boost 2021 Virtual Conference

Guide to rocking Jackrabbit’s BOOST Virtual Conference

At Jackrabbit, we know a thing or two about the needs of youth activity center owners. How? Because we listen to them. Through client feedback and keeping our finger on the pulse of the industries we serve, we’re able to provide the best tools and services our audience needs to grow their businesses. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our second, fully-virtual conference–Jackrabbit BOOST 2021!

Whether you’re simply exploring the option of class management software, a long-time Jackrabbit user or somewhere in between, Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 is the perfect place to raise the bar on your business. By attending this two-day event, you’ll discover all that’s new in class management, enrollment, staffing, scaling your business, revenue growth and so much more.

Know a good thing when you see it? Skip the line and register for Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 today. You can even score a free ticket here → Register for Jackrabbit BOOST 2021

Our team is committed to creating an engaging, interactive and collaborative virtual learning environment for you and your team. If we’ve sparked your interest, check out the complete guide to getting the most out of Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 below:

Breakout Sessions at Jackrabbit’s BOOST Virtual Conference

Trends on the Rise: 3 Things You Need to Know for 2022

When we analyzed the data of over 9,000 youth activity centers for our 2021 Industry Benchmark Report, we spotted three trends on the rise that business owners should be aware of when looking ahead to 2022.

50 Years of Marketing Experience in 60 Minutes 

The secret to promoting your youth activity center is no secret. It’s marketing. But you don’t have to do it alone. Join Susan Mendogni and Chris Hickle to discover new and timeless marketing strategies that will attract and retain students to your program. 

Managing Generation Z: How to Recruit and Retain the Newest Generation in the Workplace

Let’s face it, no matter how baffling their working style may be, youth activity center owners, directors and administrators need to attract, identify and support Gen Z coaches and staff to remain successful. This session gives you the three keys to using technology to recruit and retain young talent and unlocks the secrets of creating data-driven relationships with instructors.

Stand Up & Stand Out: 5 Keys to Evolving Your Brand with Spot TV

Live streaming helps you stand up to customers by creating strong relationships. Live Streaming with Spot TV also separates you from your competition and helps you win more enrollments. Join this session and learn how to take your customer experience up a notch, stand apart from your competitors and win more enrollments year over year.

How I Built This: Expert Advice on Scaling Your Location 

Take a deeper look into the process behind expanding your brand and growing your business from a single location to several. Tune in as Jackrabbit clients share everything from success, failure and lessons learned along the way of scaling their programs.

How to Maximize Online Registration & Enrollment With Jackrabbit Class 

First impressions are everything. Oftentimes, the first impression customers have of your business isn’t in your lobby, it’s on your website. Discover how offering online registration by integrating your website with Jackrabbit will allow you to max out classes on your schedule!

Streamline Your Billing Processes with Automated Tuition Posting

We know that your billing process is essential to your youth activity center’s success. Learn alongside our resident training expert, Marie, as she simplifies the billing process with some automation!

Master Class: Running Your Business Using the Weekly Calendar

The Weekly Calendar is one of the single most powerful features in Jackrabbit. In this master class, you will learn how to manage classes, enrollments, staff availability and more!

This or That: Which Jackrabbit Feature is Best For Your Program? 

Let’s weigh the options with a fun session of this or that – Jackrabbit edition! Tune in with Marie as she focuses on the benefits when comparing Jackrabbit features to help you find the best one for your youth activity center!

Learn from Your Peers: Top 5 Strategies We Learned From Clients

As the saying goes, ‘you learn something new everyday’ and nothing is more true! In this session, we will share pro-tips and strategies that we have learned from our clients that may help you streamline a process or two!

[–> Check out the full line-up of breakout sessions at Jackrabbit’s BOOST Virtual Conference]

Featured speakers at Jackrabbit BOOST 2021

Raise your hand if you’re ready for an epic lineup of guest speakers at Jackrabbit’s BOOST Virtual Conference. Raise your other hand if you’ve been craving real-world, practical advice that you can put to work immediately to raise the bar for your business. Now wave them both in the air and do a happy dance because Jackrabbit BOOST is delivering all that and more this September 28-30!

Who’s on tap? Leigh Ann Cannady, Chasta Hamilton, Sean Dever, Clint Salter, Danielle Johnston and Susan Mendogni, to name a few. Take our advice and bookmark these innovative and insightful main stage presentations in your digital agenda book now! 

Bonus content for all attendees

When it comes to virtual conferences, more is more. We’re putting that philosophy into practice by providing ticket holders with bonus content to kick off the two-day virtual event.

To the Pointe

On the morning of Tuesday, September 28, dance studio owners, directors and managers can join Jackrabbit’s first-ever Jackrabbit BOOST: To the Pointe.

This ticket add-on gets attendees an additional main stage keynote speaker session, a tuition master class and in-depth tutorials on Jackrabbit’s Recital and Costume Modules.  

Jackrabbit BOOST Bonus Content

Bonus [noun]: something in addition to what is expected or strictly due. Commonly referred to as Jackrabbit BOOST’s agenda on the afternoon of September 28. 

We’ve packed three hours of free, bonus sessions with two industry leaders and a panel of partners into every Jackrabbit BOOST ticket as part of the Pre-Conference Kickoff Day!

Live Product Demonstration 

The song and dance of choosing the right class management software can be intricate. We want you to be confident that Jackrabbit is the best solution for your business. That’s why we’re saving time in the Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 agenda for you and your team to join a live product demonstration. 

Tune in on Wednesday, September 29 as Product Coach, Leslie, shows you the in’s and out’s of Jackrabbit. With live Q&A, this is the perfect opportunity to not only see how Jackrabbit works but to get your questions answered at the same time. 

Meet with Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 Exhibitors 

While we’ve loved our share of live, in-person trade shows this year, there’s something about the convenience of hopping from conversation to conversation with exhibitors without having to make eye contact or small talk that we dig. 

Jackrabbit’s extensive integration partner network showed up this year to provide Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 attendees the best exhibitor experience yet! Whether you need to take a closer look at live-streaming classes, ePayment solutions, online ticketing, payroll processing or curriculum building-we’ve got the best partners lined up ready to help you raise the bar in 2021 and beyond. 

[–> Say ‘Hi!’ to our Platinum and Gold Level Sponsors when you attend BOOST 2021]

Watch Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 anytime on demand

What, you’re busy? Dang right you are. Your business isn’t building itself. You are! 

To help you get the most out of Jackrabbit BOOST 2021, we’re giving you 30 days of on-demand viewing access. That way you can fit every session in your schedule regardless of what might pop up the days of the live show. 

Will we see you at Jackrabbit’s 2021 BOOST Virtual Conference? We sure hope so! Save your spot today to discover new ways to boost your business. 

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