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Stability Strength Building

Drill of the week – stability strength

This week focus is on stability strength. Stability is important in almost all aspect in every sport. Stability strength can fire up almost every muscles in your body and can sure be a good workout !
This week the athletes were working on the lower extremity to help make their legs stronger for landings. However due to working all aspect of the leg muscles from the ankle to the gluteus, it also helps the athletes run faster and jump higher. The reason is that power comes from proper stability and strength to withstand the amount of force that is applied when you are running and jumping. If you didn’t have the strength and the stability you would lose control if you try to max out your running speed or jumping higher on the trampoline, floor, and vault. I’m sure you see this in beginner to novice level kids who would try to run fast and they loose control and fall (especially the ages between 2-7 years old). I’m also sure you will see this when kids at any age that try to jump high on the trampoline and they loose control on the trampoline bed (this also core strength as well) Like always control is more important! That control requires stability strength!
Here are some pictures below of my athletes working on stability strength in the lower extremity. The 1/2 squat stand should be done with good form as if they are sticking a landing. You can have them hold a medicine ball above their heads to make it harder after they master these exercises.

Step 1: Using a half fitness ball. Squat stand 3 sets for 15-30 seconds.


Step 2: Place the half fitness ball upside down. Squat stand 3 sets for 15-30 seconds.


Step 3: Using a full fitness ball. I place some blocks around it to give a little stability room. Squat stand 3 sets for 15-30 seconds.


Step 4: Squat stand on fitness ball. 3 sets for 15-30 seconds.



Thanks to Tumble Tom for the great photos!

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