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There is a wonderful story to tell from the Fresno, CA Zimmerman Boys & Girls Club. It might be a storage room with no air conditioning that is really too small for the dozen young people to dance. They keep banging into hockey equipment and each other but they are having a blast in the Just Dance program that was created by Ashlee Schuh and Kaitlyn Xavier.
Ashlee and Kaitlyn are San Joaquin Memorial High School and Fresno Dance Studio students who, at the ages of 17 and 16, respectively, take the time between school and their own rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule to teach 6-12 year old kids the basics of dance.

These girls are passionate about their program. They spend their own money to provide snacks for the group. They are obviously turning the time commitment into something beyond just a program.

I’m sure there are more young dancers out there who would do this if presented the opportunity. The unique thing about Ashlee and Kaitlyn is that they took great initiative in creating this program from their own passion and determination. This would be an awesome program to encourage for your studio’s students….encouraging them to share with others who can’t afford traditional in-studio dance lessons.

The thought might cross your mind that this would distract them from focusing on their own dance development. However, I would venture to guess that Ashlee and Kaitlyn are better and more passionate dancers today because of what they’ve done with their Just Dance program.

Read the full story.

Information about this program and Ashlee and Kaitlyn also ran in the July issue of Dance Studio Life Magazine.

Image Credit: The Fresno Bee, Dance Studio Life

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