Rope Conditioning: The Basics

Gymnastics requires a lot of strength, balance, and focus. How do you coach this? How can you get your students to see the value in learning how to focus at an early age? How can you show them it will help them in their future?

Rope conditioning is a great way to teach your gymnasts these skills. For children, monkey bars are a fun activity. It seems like they can swing on the bars all day. And as they get older — it gets harder.

Adding this type of conditioning to your lessons will help the gymnasts develop balance and control while building muscle strength.

This instructor shows different positions to command the gymnast to do while climbing the rope. Practice this often to build confidence in your gymnasts. They will fail, but it’s up to you to coach them to have the drive to continue and improve. It’ll be a great treat as a coach to see your gymnasts accomplish things they didn’t imagine possible.

Do you use rope conditioning in your gymnastics center? How has your experience been?

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