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8 Ways to Get Ready for the New Year Using Jackrabbit Swim

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year!

While most people feel like they are taking it easy through the holidays, swim school owners and managers (like yourself) are moving full force. Whether your classes are perpetual or you use sessions, there are some things you need to do administratively to get ready for a new year of swim lessons.

Remembering what you need to do to prepare for the new year can be a challenge since you only do those tasks once every 365 days. Having a cloud-based class management software like Jackrabbit Swim helps you keep your head above water. Here are 8 tips to help you dive in to the new year!

8 ways to prep for the new year with Jackrabbit Swim

1. Update user permissions

With Jackrabbit’s consistent release of enhancements, it is a great idea to check user permissions. When new features are added, we don’t assume which users at your facility should or should not have access. Taking a look at user permissions will help you ensure that you have access to everything you need.

2. Determine revenue tracking

As a part of 2019’s enhancements from Jackrabbit, being able to track revenue by class is a new option. When it comes to revenue, changes being made are best at the beginning of the year. This will make the entire year’s tracking consistent so you are comparing apples to apples when you look at month to month.

If you are interested in tracking revenue by class, reach out to our Support team to have your app switched over!

Contact our Support team!

3. Revise and renew policies

It is important to check and update your policies if needed, especially if you include important dates that change from year to year. Require your families to agree to your updated policies so you can always have a current agreement on file. Besides, it never hurts to remind your parents of the policies, am I right?!

4. Update your school’s calendar

You may have some holidays or special events that you have posted on your website. But, you also want to add these dates as closed dates in your Jackrabbit application. Having these dates entered will keep attendance from being required that day and new students will have an accurate first day on their registration confirmation email.

If you add notices on your event calendar for your families to see significant dates, you will want to update those as well.

5. Build your new session of classes

With Jackrabbit Swim, the process of creating a new session is super easy. You can basically copy over a previous session, make any updates you need to quickly, and put it out to the masses! Depending on when you open your enrollment period, you may stagger this process over a few months.

To help you through transitioning of the session, we have put together this handy checklist.

Transition your session with Jackrabbit!

6. Offer year end tax statements to your families

It happens every year – parents start to get ready for their year end taxes at the beginning of the new year. So why not get ahead of the rush? Providing year end tax statements to all of your families up front will reduce phone calls and email requests. Between the option to print statements in a batch, mass email statements, and the print option in the parent portal, getting your families the information they need is an easy one to check off the to-do list!

7. Update skills and lesson plans for the upcoming year

It’s time to apply what you learned all year at conferences. Are there new skills you would like to implement? Do you want to add more to your lesson plans? The New Year is a great time to start fresh with a new curriculum. Reflect those changes in Jackrabbit so your teachers are heading into classes equipped for success!

8. Implement new integrations

New year, new you – right?! Why not try some new things?

  • Maybe you have always wanted a mobile app but you have been putting it off. This is a great time to get started with Mobile Inventor. Your parents will love you for it!
  • Tired of manually doing payroll? It’s time to get a payroll solution and make some room on your plate. Partner with Express Payroll to make payday for you and your employees.

Having a comprehensive cloud-based class management software like Jackrabbit Swim is a great way to survive the start of a new year. If you haven’t given it a try, there’s no better time than now!

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About the Author:

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Marketing team, Amber focuses on notifying clients about new enhancements, training opportunities, upcoming webinars, and more! Amber enjoys watching football and traveling in her free time!

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