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4 Features Jackrabbit Clients Love About the Next Generation Experience

Part of the 20/20 Vision here at Jackrabbit Class includes adding more of the Next Generation Experience throughout the application.

What is the Next Generation of Jackrabbit?

As the industry’s leading cloud solution for class management software, our team understands the importance of making the look and power of Jackrabbit match it’s robust capabilities. In order to easily introduce the new appearance of pages and functionality to our clients without disruption, we decided to work through the Jackrabbit application piece by piece.

The goal of the Next Generation Experience, in short, is to improve the user experience overall. From how our clients retrieve their data to how they streamline processes performed on a regular basis – the experience is important!

The latest release from Jackrabbit’s product and engineering teams includes a brand new feature, All Families.


4 Powerful Features of the Next Generation Experience

In addition to Jackrabbit’s new sleek look found on the All Families page, there are additional features that our clients raved about during the beta testing period.

1. Easy access to the data you need most

Some of us are just visual people. We like to have a picture painted for us to tell a story. The new data visualization part of the All Families page does just that.

You can quickly see how many families:

    • are at a given location
    • are active in your program
    • have an outstanding balance
    • haven’t agreed to your policies
    • have a credit card on file

And any time you want to see the specific families included in these visual representations, just click that part of the graph and the data below will filter accordingly. Getting the data you need quickly keeps you from feeling like you are chasing it!

2. More flexibility with data results

Smart grids started showing through the Jackrabbit application at the end of 2019. But, the beauty of these grids is they allow you to customize how you see your data. From reorganizing columns in the order you like to powerful sort options for each column, the possibilities feel endless.

Any additional search capability is found behind the filter icon, keeping the All Families page clean and decluttered so your data is the main focus. No flipping back and forth between the search criteria and the results – you can easily continue to filter data as you please!


3. Customize your view

Do you have certain filters that you use on a regular basis? Save each one as a favorite so you can easily access it each time. If the filtered view is something your whole team can benefit from, you can make it accessible to your teammates!

Is there a particular set of data you look at daily? Make that favorite your default view so you are presented with the data you need automatically each time you access All Families.

4. Streamline account updates

From time to time, you may need to update multiple families at one time. Whether it’s all families or families you specifically select, you can mass update:

    • ePayment scheduled
    • Family discount
    • Family fixed
    • Membership type

Managing your data efficiently is a must so you can focus on providing great service to your families!


What is coming up next in the Next Generation Experience?

The product team plans to add the same powerful features to students, classes, and staff as part of the Next Generation initiative. They have already started working on All Students to release next!

Here at Jackrabbit Class, we believe in making your business lives easier so you can find that work/life balance that we all strive for. If you want to know more about what Jackrabbit can do for you, connect with us to see the power of Jackrabbit in action!

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