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Jackrabbit Helps Make Family Bank Info as Secure as Possible

It is important to make sure that your family bank account information is as secure as it possibly can be. You want this information to be visible only to those who must have it and only at the exact moment that they need it. How does Jackrabbit help you with that?

Well, did you know that you can set a permission that allows family bank account information in the Family e-Payment Listing to be visible? And that the default for this is set to “off”?

If this permission if “off” the family bank account information is masked in all areas of Jackrabbit – including the Family Billing info tab, family e-Payment Listing and NACHA Report. Only the NACHA Report export would show the bank account information.

In the event that viewing banking account information is necessary, this is the procedure to ensure that this can be done as safely as possible.

Log in and go to Tools > Manage Users and Permissions.  Click on your user ID or the user you want to allow this permission.  On the left choose User Permissions.  Scroll down and be sure that the highlighted permission below is checked (Family e-Payment Listing: Unmask Bank Information):


Log out of your database and then log in again to activate the permission.

Go to Reports > Family E-payment Listing.  Modify the search criteria to pull the information you want to use and click submit.  This will give you a report with the account information on it as seen below.


The permission restrictions are just one layer of Jackrabbit’s attention to the security of bank information. The data center that houses your data and the data of your families is the same one that major banks use. So it has layer upon layer or security and multiple backups and redundancies to ensure its safety, security and integrity. Your information is also masked – which is what takes place when you see only the last 4 digits of a number. All other digits are never visible unless you follow the process above to make the account information available to the person with proper permission at only the moment it is needed.

Read more about security of Jackrabbit’s solution.

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