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How You Eat is Important

Learn something about eating from Joanne Malar, a commentator for Canadian TV at the London 2012 Olympics. Joanne was doing lots of research on the swimmers participating in the games – especially what swimmers do to improve their fitness levels and health. Ryan Lochte, for example, recently switched away from McDonalds – eliminating junk food – and added more wholesome foods to compliment his training program and strong man weight program. But all athletes aren’t like this. Some actually brag about how they can eat as terribly as they want because they train so much. They may never get “fat” but they are not performing at their absolute best if they are not fueling their bodies in healthy ways.

What are the 5 top health tips for swimmers revealed in a recent article by Joanne on the site?

1. Stay hydrated

2. Eat ENOUGH calories

3. Get rest, rest and more rest!

4. Be Body Aware (symptoms and action)

5. Take the time to train your brain: visualize

Joanne also answers questions like “Are you drinking enough?” “Are you eating enough?”  and  helps you understand the importance of rest and the connection between your mind and body. Read Joanne’s article.

See a diet for teenage swimmers from the Food Network.

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