Finding time to coach and teach

How Do You Make Time for Coaching and Teaching?

You started your business with a few clients that you could focus your attention on. You started your business because you love coaching kids and sharing your passion for your sport with them. You didn’t start your business because you love sending bills, collecting payments and worrying about how you’ll promote your classes and how many people actually sign up for them.

In the beginning, you could manage the few bills and collections you had. After all, just a few accounts to manage don’t consume that much time. You were still happily spending most of your time coaching.

Fast forward only a couple of seasons.

You’re pulling your hair out because you have more students. Not because you don’t love teaching and coaching them, but because you have to manage the administrative end of having more students.

You’re pulling your hair out because you can’t focus on what inspired you to start your business in the first place. You’ve lost touch with your passion!

Get it back!

“Jackrabbit streamlined our entire process from top to bottom. I’m able to do more quicker.” – Leigh Ann Cannady, Forsyth Academy of Performing Arts

“Jackrabbit provides everything for running our business – day-in and day-out.” – Jon Aardema, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

Jackrabbit gives you the ability to do these things by leveraging automation and the internet.

Enrollment and Online Registration | Jackrabbit gives you the ability to share class listings on your website or in emails sent to prospects. You can also offer enrollment and online registration via a kiosk, laptop or iPad in your lobby. For families who are already your customers, you can offer the use of a secure Parent Portal from the smartphone that’s always in their pocket.

Portals for Parents and Staff | Jackrabbit provides portal options where your staff and parents can securely do everything they need to do for you from the convenience of their computer, iPad or smartphone.

Automated Payments | Having a system for safely storing banking and credit card information that is used to automatically and accurately collect payments and update accounts is transformational for your business. The time consumed by this process disappears and time to teach and coach is yours again.

24/7/365 Access | Being away at a competition, on vacation or sitting in the school pick-up line doesn’t matter because Jackrabbit is accessible via the internet. Secure login gets registered users the ability to find information, do work, kick off billing or communicate with parents (or staff) from wherever they have access to the internet. Extensive permissions give owners complete control over the amount of information users can see and use.

Dashboard and Reporting | Owners and managers are totally informed about their businesses via Jackrabbit’s Reporting features and the convenient (and customizable) Dashboard. Key performance indicators are easily tracked on the Dashboard and a comprehensive list of reports allows value, decision-impacting details to rise to the top for help owners and managers.

Automated Processes | Jackrabbit processes such as enrolling students, posting fees and adding discounts, billing families, collecting payments, sending emails, and updating accounts are streamlined and automated. All of your information is in a single database, so any student, class, payment, or staff details are available with a few clicks.

The internet, automation and streamlined processes quicken or eliminate rote tasks and give parents and employees control over their own data so you are free to be the teacher and coach again. You’re unchained from your computer to spend face-time with parents and re-enter the fun and energetic part of your business that drew you in at the start.

Voila! You’re a coach and teacher again!

“Jackrabbit has opened up so many other doors in my life and allowed so much more time. With Jackrabbit, your life will become so much easier.” – Carolyn Wells, Dance By Design Studios

“Jackrabbit is the backbone of my business. Without it, I wouldn’t have a business.” – Matt Harr, Triangle Swim School

So the short answer to the question, “How Do You Make Time for Coaching?” is simple: “Get Jackrabbit!”



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