grow your swim school with these 4 tips

Grow Your Swim School with these 4 Tips

In the last few years, swim schools have faced significant change and had to adapt. But, as the months pass in 2022, the youth activity center industry seems to be getting back to normal – but is it really the normal or is there a new industry normal? 

Each year, the team at Jackrabbit analyzes three years worth of industry data from youth activity centers across the world. Meet the 2022 Industry Benchmark

Use the benchmark to create data-driven goals for your swim school and compare current key metrics to other Jackrabbit Swim Schools. This will give you the opportunity to identify areas to focus on within your own school and put your swim school on the fast track for growth. Here are four ways you can boost your swim school growth through the rest of the year. 

Find new revenue streams

When the world was thrown off balance in 2020, swim schools were hit hard and forced to reevaluate their program offerings. Everyone at Jackrabbit was amazed by our clients’ ability to pivot and positively navigate the most stressful situations. 

Swim schools began to consider selling merchandise, offering special events or summer camps, and live-streaming classes so families can watch their student when they aren’t in the building. Some raised tuition and added additional convenience fees. All of these things combined create an increase in revenue and gives swim schools extra money to invest back into their program. 

Start growing your revenue by focusing on four key areas -> Download the Optimize Your Revenue Cycle eBook to see how

Empower your staff members

When it comes to staff recruitment and retention, employers everywhere are having a difficult time. From a staff member’s first day, a focus on comprehensive training and creating a positive staff culture is an important step towards retaining staff members for the long run. 

Fun fact: The Industry Benchmark Report revealed that swim schools mainly employ part-time staff. 

This population of staff is often more difficult to retain than full-time staff members. By providing your staff with the tools needed for their success – whether it’s swim school software training or introducing them to those they will be working with, you can make your part-time staff feel right at home. 

The right swim school software can help you create streamlined employee processes for things like time tracking, student progress, and payroll. Later this year, the Jackrabbit team will solve how to better track substitutes and manage appointments for studio staff and parents.

Offer flexible billing and payment options

Another way to grow your swim school is to offer flexible billing and payment options. Think about it, the easier it is for customers to complete payments, the quicker you’ll get paid! Using things like automated tuition posting and processing will make your life easier and your customers will appreciate the option. 

Create a positive customer experience

Increased revenue begins and ends with increases in student registration. While you can market your business until the cows come home, you need to create a positive customer experience first. Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you, register for classes, and interact with your swim school in general. 

Use an app to make access easier for parents on the go. Send emails and push notifications when they register for a new class or to notify them if there is a class change. Allow parents to place their child on a waitlist for a certain class. This will increase customer satisfaction and your customers will keep coming back for more!

Did you know that according to the Industry Benchmark Report, Jackrabbit Swim clients were the #1 industry to utilize waitlisted classes. In 2021, there was a 41,000% increase in waitlists documented within the Jackrabbit platform. That means the demand is higher than the supply and good news for your business!

Read the 2022 Industry Benchmark Report to compare your swim school and make sure you are on the path to growth throughout the rest of the year.

Download the 2022 Industry Benchmark Report

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