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Fixing Your Young Dancers’ Bad Habits

The line that a dancer creates as she performs her ballet moves it critical to her style and to the quality at which her performance is judged. So even the minute details are important. There are some bad habits that young dancers begin to develop – and these can be nipped in the bud so that they don’t get full-blown and difficult to get rid of as she matures.
Wouldn’t it be great to get advice from four masters teachers on how to break bad dancer habits? That’s what we’re providing you with here. Read on so that you can see what Finis Jhung, Irene Dowd, Sheila Barker and Pamela Pietro have to say about eight of the most irritating bad habits that dancers develop.

Jutting chins, rounded shoulders, lifeless arms, played ribs, arching the lower back, hiked working hip, knees not aligned over toes and holding tension in the feet drive you, as dancers and dance teachers, batty. This article is a great resource because it provides before and after pictures, explanations for how and why they happen and how remedies for them.

Dance is all about discipline and control, so how better than to help to instill that in your dancers than by giving them ways to control and overcome bad habits that are common among their dancing peers.

Read “Head-to-Toe Bad Habits and How to Break Them” – a recent Dance Teacher Magazine feature.

Photo Credit: © All rights reserved by María T Pons

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