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Cultivating Talent: How Jackrabbit Class Helps Gymnastics Gyms Nurture Future Champions

The path from beginner to champion in gymnastics is a rewarding yet demanding journey. Behind every great gymnast’s success is a comprehensive support system including family and friends but more importantly the coaches they learn from and the gym they train at. So how do you ensure your gym and coaches operate at a level that nurtures champions? In a broad sense, the answer lies in effective management of every facet of your gymnastics program, but in most cases that’s easier said than done. Enter Jackrabbit Class. Jackrabbit Class is a powerful, cloud-based class management software that simplifies and streamlines day-to-day processes at your gym while maximizing your potential for new registrations and profit, leaving you to focus on creating an environment where students can thrive.

Let’s explore the ways that Jackrabbit Class can revolutionize your gymnastics gym and help it operate at a level that nurtures future gymnastics champions!

What is Jackrabbit Class?

Jackrabbit Class is a comprehensive platform developed with coaches, administrators, students and parents in mind. For over 20 years, Jackrabbit Class has been serving as central management for all aspects of gymnastics schools around the world, saving them time and money while helping them focus on the elements of their businesses that need the most attention, their students.

From class scheduling and enrollment to billing and communication, Jackrabbit Class offers a wide range of features designed to boost your efficiency and simplify your day-to-day, regardless of your number of students.

What does Jackrabbit Class do for Gymnastics Gyms?

As we mentioned, Jackrabbit empowers gymnastics gyms by simplifying their administrative processes, freeing up valuable time and resources that can be put into fostering talent and nurturing growth through a variety of ever-improving features. Let’s explore some of those  features:

Class Management

With access to customizable policies, an intuitive weekly calendar, electronic attendance and an easy-to-use makeup feature that parents can use on their own time, Jackrabbit Class makes scheduling classes, managing instructors and tracking attendance easier than ever! It also boasts a wide variety of integration partners so you can reference everything you need in one convenient place.

Online Registration

To stay competitive with other extracurricular activities in your market, online registration is a must-have for your business. This allows parents to register their young gymnasts for your classes quickly and conveniently and minimizes the time your staff spends manually inputting the same data into your records. 

Automated Billing and Payments

From tuition fees to merchandise purchases from your pro shop, Jackrabbit Class helps you minimize the time you spend manually processing payments and maximize your revenue potential. Minimize late payments with recurring billing and auto-drafts, apply discounts and prorate your classes automatically, and keep parents informed with auto generated receipts. 

Student Skill Tracking

When it comes to nurturing a future champion, accurate skill tracking may be one of the most important features that Jackrabbit offers. Using Jackrabbit Class’ skill tracking feature, you’ll be able to define the skills required for each level and then monitor each student’s progress toward them. You can also help celebrate each student’s milestone with a message that appears when a parent uses Jackrabbit’s Self Check-In as well as automatic emails that send parents updates on their child’s latest achievements.

Customer Experience Enhancements

Streamlining your customer’s experience saves you time and leaves a lasting impression on them, which is why Jackrabbit offers so many ways to do just that.

Self Check-In

Keep your lobby clear no matter the size of your classes and allow families to check their students in with Jackrabbit’s Self Check-In. This helps give your coaches the freedom they need to focus on their students and staff members and the ability to engage with every family that enters.

Zippy AI

Write emails faster than ever using details from your classes with Zippy AI at your side. Just tell Zippy what you want to write and let him go to work creating the messaging you need.

Zippy AI graphic writing prompts to generate success gradient and bunny

We’ve even got a handy download to help you write stronger prompts for better results.

Mobile App

What’s the one device that parents have access to almost all day long? Their smartphones! Communicate with parents using the most reliable way to keep information at the top of their minds. Utilize your own custom mobile app with Jackrabbit Plus and take your parent engagement to new heights.

Business and Multi-Program Reporting

Gain insights into your gymnastics gym’s overall performance with detailed reports and analytics at your fingertips with Jackrabbit’s Business Intelligence Dashboard. Track student retention  trends, review your financial health and make data-driven decisions for the better of your business.

The Importance of Having Gym Management Software

Every minute counts in the youth gymnastics world and that’s why having reliable gym management software is more than just convenient – it’s essential. Here’s why:


Manual administrative tasks are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Management software like Jackrabbit Class automates these processes, saving time and reducing mistakes.


Managing all aspects of your gymnastics gym with Jackrabbit Class allows you to say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and confusion. Everything you need is accessible in one convenient place.


Clear and timely communication is crucial for keeping everyone in the loop, from coaches and staff to students and parents. Management software facilitates seamless communication through email, app push notifications and texting to ensure that important information gets where it needs to be.

Financial Stability

Effective financial management is vital for the sustainability of any business, especially your gymnastics gym. Jackrabbit Class streamlines billing and payment processes and provides you the ability to monitor your gym’s success with reporting and analytic features.


By freeing up time and resources previously spent on administrative tasks, Jackrabbit Class empowers you to focus on innovation and growth. Whether it’s introducing new classes or improving existing ones, you can invest your energy where it matters most.

When it comes to managing classes, customers and instructors while taking your gymnastics gym to new heights, Jackrabbit Class is an amazing choice. By using Jackrabbit Class and streamlining day-to-day processes at your gym, you free up valuable time and resources that can be put back into your student’s growth and development, nurturing the gymnastics champions of tomorrow!

Ready to start cultivating more talent at your gymnastics gym? Get started today with a Jackrabbit Class free trial!

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