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Building Trust in Swimming Lessons

Building trust is an integral part of the “learn to swim” process.

The best instructors are those who are aware of the importance of building a trusting relationship with the students and parents. Parents are the ones who put their faith in your school to provide their children with a fun and safe learning experience in acquiring essential swimming and water safety skills and a genuine love of water.

An advantage that instructors have in teaching is that parent and their babies already have a trust bond. This is a bond that instructors can build on with new swimmers who may not be familiar with instructors’ faces, voices or with the swimming environment. By communicating with parents and guiding them through class activities, you can relieve any stress that the baby may feel.

Focus on communication to build more trust with parents.

Extend communication in the pool to talking to parents about their expectations for their child in swimming lessons. Ease any concerns by answering questions – being sure to make each answer relatable and specific to their child. Ask them what motivates their child and figure out the best way to help them achieve their swimming goals in a way that best suits them.

Parents will notice the dedication in helping their child and their trust level in your instructor and your school will grow.

Trust makes teaching easier.

When students feel safe and happy, they will be eager to learn and please. And when they see their parents are comfortable, they relax, become open to instructors and learn.

Trust is easier to break than to earn. So follow through with promises to classes and to students. Build even stronger trust by making sure that lessons are fun. Fun also keeps students engaged and feeling special.

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