Tuition Fees Increased Over 24%: Findings From the Youth Activities Industry Report

Tuition Fees Increased Over 24%: Findings From the Youth Activities Industry Report

2023 marks the third year of Jackrabbit’s Youth Activities Industry Benchmark Report. Each year when analyzing aggregate client data and thinking about gymnastics, swim, dance, cheer, and music programs from a business and technology perspective, we always notice how unique each year is and the new successes and challenges that come with operating a youth […]

7 Ways to Increase Cheer Gym Profits


Cheer gym owners commonly look for ways to increase the profitability of their programs. After all, profitability is an important metric that helps predict how likely a cheer gym is to grow. Learning ways to reduce unnecessary spending and increase profits at your gym are fundamental for the overall success of your business. That’s why […]

Best Ways to Improve Student Retention in Your Cheer Gym

Improve Student Retention in Your Cheer Gym

When looking to improve student retention, cheer gyms frequently look at how athletes are fitting in at their gym, both skillswise on the mat and socially with others. Athletes who have lost motivation in one or both of these areas are typically less likely to return to your gym season to season. Developing the strategies […]

4 Tips for Updating Your Youth Activity Center’s Website

How to update your youth activity center website

When parents are looking for extracurricular activities such as dance, swim or gymnastics lessons to enroll their children in, they aren’t just looking for the best classes taught by the best instructors- they are also looking for the most appealing and easiest-to-use website.  So if your facility’s website hasn’t been updated since it was created, […]

Youth in Philanthropy: Ideas to Raise Money for Charity

Youth and charity ideas for giving

Is there a cause that inspires you to give back? Whether you’re passionate about helping families access medical care, funding cancer research, or helping underprivileged children learn to swim, there’s an organization out there committed to the cause you’re passionate about. As a youth activity center owner, you are in a unique position to inspire […]

5 Reasons to Switch Your Class Management Software Now

Why it is time to switch software

Figuring out which class management software is right for your gymnastics gym, swim school or dance studio is easier than you think.  Figuring out if your current platform isn’t the best solution for your business is even easier. If you can identify with any or all of the points below, it may be time to […]

10 reasons to attend Jackrabbit’s Ignite Virtual Conference

10 reasons you should attend ignite 2022

When it comes to class management software, Jackrabbit makes it easy for youth activity centers to operate seamlessly and efficiently. Why would we run a virtual conference differently?  Jackrabbit’s Ignite Virtual Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience for swim school, dance studio and gymnastics gym owners, which is why we’re sharing the top reasons you should […]

Tuition Tips: How to enforce your tuition policy to ensure revenue

Tuition Tips: How to enforce your tuition policy to ensure revenue

It’s often said that cash is king when it comes to managing a swim school, gymnastics gym or dance studio. I mean, who doesn’t like cash, right?  Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for years, enforcing your tuition policy to ensure revenue, or the cash coming into your program, is […]

5 Ways Class Management Software Will Help Grow Your Business

Run a more efficient business with class management software

Owning or managing a youth activity center, such as a gym, swim school or dance studio is an extremely rewarding but hectic venture. If you ask any activity center owner what they love most about their job, chances are they prefer strategizing business growth and interacting with students more than manually tracking attendance, billing customers […]

How to foster relationships with new customers at your youth activity center

How to foster new customer relationships at your youth activity center

Youth activity centers play a pivotal role in helping children grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. As a result, swim, gymnastics and dance programs remain increasingly popular, and more and more parents seek such activities to enroll their children in.  Like any other business, youth activity centers rely on their customers to keep revenue flowing […]

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