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Youth in Philanthropy: Ideas to Raise Money for Charity

Is there a cause that inspires you to give back? Whether you’re passionate about helping families access medical care, funding cancer research or helping underprivileged children learn to swim, there’s an organization out there committed to the cause you’re passionate about.

As a youth activity center owner, you are in the unique position to inspire children not only on the dance floor, gymnastics mat or in the swimming pool. You have the opportunity to mold them into better human beings.

So when it comes to your passion for reaching those affected members of your community, consider getting the students of your program involved to instill in them the importance of helping others.

How to raise money for charity?

Whether you have a philanthropic arm of your youth activity center, or you’re interested in creating one, we’ve pulled together a few ideas to help you and your students raise money for charity.

Leverage your customer base

Are you in the habit of setting lofty fundraising goals? Nice!

Does your facility has a long-running relationship with a charitable organization? If so, chances are your customers have participated in previous events and projects in support of it’s cause. Since philanthropic events and group projects are difficult to organize due to social distancing guidelines, consider leveraging your customer base to set up your own fundraiser.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. Your facility’s fundraiser can be implemented using technology that allows you to accept charitable donations from students and families through a secure Parent Portal.

Reach out to your peers

You can increase your fundraiser’s reach exponentially by banding together with other dance studios, swim schools and gymnastics gyms in your market or other owners in your network of friends.

No peers in your network? No problem!

Do you use class management software to run your facility? Then you automatically have a network of peers available to potentially join you on your fundraising journey. By taking advantage of client forums, such as private Facebook user groups, you can ask others owners to team up in support of your cause!

Generate buzz on social media

Sharing your fundraising efforts on social media not only helps get the word out to your students and peers, it can help you reach passionate supporters outside your immediate circle of friends and followers.

Think about it. Your personal story and why you support a specific charitable organization is the kind of positive content the social media universe is craving right now. A provoking story with the right amount of hashtags targeted to your audience is just asking to be shared by friends and followers on social media!

You don’t have to be a seasoned fundraising vet to raise money for a charitable cause. All it takes is the same passion that helped you open the doors to your gymnastics gym, dance studio or swim school.

When to raise money for charity at your youth activity center

Any time is a good time to contribute to a charitable organization. But there’s no better way to enjoy the holidyas than by giving back to your community and thus lifting the spirits of those who need it most.

Chances are the organization you partner with is running a Giving Tuesday campaign during the holidays. Mark your calendar each year to see how you can collaborate with them to help make an even bigger impact to their bottom line.

Capitalizing on a specific day, such as Giving Tuesday, an anniversary or birthday can amplify your fundraising efforts.

For more ideas on how class management software can help your program facilitate charitable donations, check out our Holiday Resource Center!

If you’re ready to see how class management software can help your facility accept charitable donations, start your 30-day free trial and connect with a Jackrabbit Product Coach today!

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