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How AI is Shaping the Future of Swim Lessons

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a big buzzword in the swimming industry. At its core, AI is the simulation of human intelligence with machine learning. The development of AI varies from very specific, like virtual assistant software to very broad like ChatGPT

More recently, the swimming industry has begun seeing AI software opportunities. Just this year, USA Swimming approved the use of artificial intelligence software during their practices that measures stroke rates, split times, and other metrics. This software is mostly used in the competitive swimming sphere but opens the door for AI use in swim lessons. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for as you future-proof your business and consider how AI is shaping the future of swim lessons. 

How is artificial intelligence currently used in swimming?

The swimming industry is no stranger to new technology. Whether it’s a new system to help you run your business, new time tracking systems and touchpads, or simply a new type of kickboard – you are always keeping an eye out for the ‘new’ thing. 

Currently, artificial intelligence is that ‘new’ thing. Being used mostly in the competitive swimming sphere for things like analyzing stroke technique, tracking lap splits and clocking underwater speed, high-level competitors have just gotten better and better as a result. When it comes to swimming, technique is everything and the milliseconds a change in technique can save make a huge difference in short races. 

USA Swimming addresses all new technology and like the full-body high-tech polyurethane racing suits that were banned in 2010, AI in swimming has been under scrutiny. As new uses for this technology pop up, all eyes will be on the regulatory committees for feedback.

What does artificial intelligence look like at swim schools?

While new AI is mostly seen in competitive swimming, tried and true solutions have begun to trickle down to swim schools around the world. Here are a few ways you can utilize artificial intelligence at your swim school.

Use Underwater Cameras

Whether you are teaching infant rescue swimming classes or adult classes, it is hard to be everywhere at once. By using underwater cameras and AI software that allows for analysis, you can identify additional areas of improvement that you may not be able to see just by watching someone swim above the water. In turn, this can help prevent injuries and speed up progress during lessons. 

Record Swim Lessons 

As a swim instructor, you know that one of the best ways to talk to a student about their swimming technique is to show them the areas for improvement firsthand. Underwater cameras are great at this, but may not be affordable for all swim schools. 

The next best thing is your smartphone. Utilize your camera feature and take a video of the swimmer. There are AI software out there, like FINIS Lanevision, that allows you to upload the video and it will give you an analysis of the swimming. This is a great opportunity to analyze a student’s progress. 

Our partners at Spot TV are working on AI solutions for swim schools – including drowning detection that will have a beta release in early 2024.

Bridge Teaching Gaps

In a perfect world, swim instructors would know everything all the time, but, we are only human. When it comes to swimming, there is a widely accepted ‘right or wrong’, but each teacher has their own teaching techniques and idea of skill progressions. One of the best parts of artificial intelligence is that rather than relying solely on instructor knowledge, you are also getting unbiased data. Combining this data, instructor knowledge and student willingness can make for an unstoppable combination. 

Simplify Swim School Processes

Running or teaching at a swim school includes unavoidable processes. Whether those processes are staff scheduling, payment processing, or registration, AI can help you create a system that works for you and your team. Finding a system that allows you to note student skill progression, integrates with your other software or even enhances your marketing strategy will create success at your swim school. 

Let Jackrabbit Class be the first stop on your journey to implementing new technology at your swim school. Start a free trial and simplify your processes with ease. 

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