6 ways to reset so you can recharge your business

6 Ways to Reset So You Can Recharge Your Business

Your business truly benefits from your wellness. Lower anxiety, a reasonable schedule and simply having the time and space to think, gives you the ability to make good decisions.

If you’re burning the candle at both ends, overwhelmed and weary of your work schedule and feeling indecisive, you should probably make a reset plan.  

Here are several ways you can work on your reset:

  1. Take a vacation 

I don’t know how long it’s been since your last vacay but I can guess that it has been a while. Take one. Really.

Don’t take your family to the beach and hide your phone and laptop under your hat as you masquerade as a vacationing pool dweller. That is not a vacation.

A vacation is when you unplug somewhere that allows you to relax, enjoy yourself and think about anything but work.

  1. Unload your workload on others.

Sharpen your delegation skills. It’s a given that you’re doing things that could be handled off to others on your staff. Why haven’t you done it?

  •       Can’t relinquish control?
  •       Haven’t trained anyone?
  •       Everyone is too busy?

Resolve these “reasons” and create a path to delegate.

This can work out to be a great exercise for your staff because they, themselves, may not delegate as much as they should, which could be keeping them from taking on delegated tasks from you.

You can also unload by implementing software that leverages the Internet and automation to your advantage. It’s like having another person to delegate your most critical processes. 

Good cloud-based class management software can be a catalyst for your reset.

  1. Explore your competition

There are always things you could be doing and are not. This is the perfect time to institute one (or some) of these things. A great approach to add to your marketing arsenal is the concept of friend-petitive advantage. This is a great way to enhance the perception of your business in your community, expand your branding and add a new avenue for enrollment growth.

Yes – all of these things can result from befriending your competitors. Don’t gasp! We’re serious. You need to understand those you compete with and there is no better way to do that than to have a good relationship with them.

  1. Refresh your school’s curriculum

Take a look at your curriculum. Is there something missing or something that you’ve wanted to try? One of the most rewarding offerings you can add is a program for children with special needs. This could be something that your community needs.

You don’t have to add an entire new system of classes to fill this void. One thing is for sure, most children with special needs want to be part of what your students are doing. It can be life-changing for all students and families involved. It can also cast a unique and amazing perspective on your organization.

  1. Review your policies 

How long has it been since your policies have been updated? Today’s culture is different from that of a decade or even 5 years ago. In engaging with the public it’s critical to be open, diverse and non-judgmental. And that could mean revising your policies to enable you to be gender neutral in class placement, choreography and apparel.

Various components of this may work differently – depending on what type classes you offer – but what is important is that you adjust your mentality on this. Then you can determine which policies need to be changed to bring them into the 21st century. And to help you to make all students and families who come to your facility feel welcome, engaged and comfortable in their own skin.

  1. Discover your work-life balance

Use your introspective view to get a true read on the balance your life has. As we’ve noted in discussing physical and mental wellness, you need to have time for yourself and your family. You don’t need to be the superhero who wears every cape at your facility. That will drain your energy or that of your business.

Most owners who discover what their work life balance is end up being more successful in their personal and professional lives than when they worked more hours.

It’s not about how much you work. It’s about how smart you work.

Bottom line:

Hit that reset button with the most powerful and feature rich cloud-based class management software supporting you. There is no need to muddle around with simplistic, inadequate and undependable pseudo-solutions when you can have everything you need for your business in one place.

It’s the perfect way to accelerate your reset and make sure that the only chaos this fall is natural kind that kids bring into your center!

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