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Expiration Dates for Makeup Classes (Release Date: December 20,2018)

Do you have a makeup policy that requires your students to makeup a class within a specified time period? Coming soon to Jackrabbit will be the option to set an expiration date after a certain time frame.

When you go to Edit Settings under the Tools menu, you select between 3 options in the Student Settings section:

  1. No expiration date – they can makeup the missed class at any time
  2. Based on a time limit – # days, weeks, months
  3. Until the last day of the session

Selecting no expiration date works the same as it always has. If you aren’t sure which option to select, click on the ? icon for more information!

If your makeup policy sets a time limit for when classes can be made up, you can now set it and forget it! No need to manually uncheck the eligibility of each absence for each student, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Once you choose a makeup expiration date option, Jackrabbit will automatically mark absences as not eligible for makeup after the expiration time period has passed. The Attendance tab of the Student record will automatically include a makeup expiration date with absences marked as Eligible for Makeup. If you schedule a makeup after the expiration date, the date is shown in red. Hover over the scheduled makeup date to see confirmation that the makeup date is after the Expiration Date.


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