Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Data If Disastrous Weather Strikes

You probably didn’t think bunnies could be fierce, but ours are when it comes to the safety, security, and availability of your data and the reliability of the Jackrabbit system that you use to operate your business.

We scrutinize the details. And then check them again. Our data center partner does too.

In fact, our data center partner has a specific team that monitors and deploys in situations like Hurricane Florence, closely watching the storms location and movements and standing at the ready to ensure all clients are supported.

If disastrous weather strikes, all Jackrabbit data is safe and no downtime is expected. You can rely on the availability of your Jackrabbit software and the accessibility of all of your business data.

Data Safety

Even if our area feels the wrath of a major storm our data is safe because our data partners have locations inland across the United States. This enables our data to be moved quickly and securely from one center to another to protect it and keep it available to its users.

Staff Readiness

With staff all over the United States and Canada, Jackrabbit also stands at ready to support clients who meet with disaster or are experiencing problems on their end. quickly and without consequence

Recent Example

During the flooding in 2017, a client’s studio was totally flooded. Everything electronic was destroyed and mud and debris covered the floors so that operations seemed to be at a standstill even after the water receded.

The owner was able to log into Jackrabbit at home, send out notices to all families and continue operational necessities like collecting payments, while the clean-up and equipment replacement took place at the studio.

System Reliability

The reliability of the Jackrabbit software is one of the tremendous benefits of using it. Even if catastrophe strikes, you can still do critical activities that keep you operational. There isn’t much that trumps the importance of having confidence that your business data and operational systems are still in place in the midst of catastrophic weather events.

Rest assured that Jackrabbit is going above and beyond in ensuring that your business data is safe and secure and ready and waiting for you to login.

Test for Yourself

If you can’t log in, the answers to these questions may help you figure out why.

(Click to read our Common Computer Issues blog post.)

We’re here for you.

Jackrabbit’s support team is strategically located in areas across the United States and Canada so that we can get help when you need it.

Stay safe

If you are in the path of Hurricane Florence as it approaches the Carolina coast, we will be thinking about the safety of you, your customers, and your loved ones.  Stay safe out there!


About the Author:

After studying graphic design at the University of Georgia, Jill held several positions in media and marketing including Art Director, Editor and Marketing Director. As a student of dance, she has spent plenty of time in children’s activity centers and puts that experience to work for her in the work she does with Jackrabbit. In addition to her interest in dance, Jill also enjoys sports, gourmet cooking, entertaining, singing and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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