Reliability is important to you and us

Reliability: Why It’s Important To You & To Us

You want reliability from many things in your life. Your car. Without a reliable car, you couldn’t be sure you could get where you need to go. Your refrigerator. Unreliability here leaves you with no confidence that you’re going to have food that can be eaten when you get home. Traffic lights. And without reliability in critical system such as those controlling transportation, you can’t even be confident of your safety on the road. What nightmares!

Reliability failures can be devastating. They can cost you time, money, your safety and your sanity!

What about your school? If you can’t rely on being able to navigate, use and protect your data and your processes then your business really cannot run. And that can be devastating.

Reliable software is just as critical for you as the reliability of your car, your refrigerator and your community’s traffic lights.

Without software reliability you can do what you need to do when you need to do it. From invoicing to roll taking, from payroll tracking to enrollment, from reporting to tuition collection: These processes – and more – are what make your business work.

  • What if you couldn’t enroll your students when the moment for registration to open arrived?
  • What if you couldn’t depend on the accuracy of the data in family accounts or the security of information like credit card data?
  • What if your families were being charged the wrong amounts?
  • What if you couldn’t depend on being able to get to your login page each morning?

Reliable software gives you lots of advantages, including your ability to maintain the trust and confidence of the parents and students who have made a commitment to your school.

We are proud of our track record.  We have worked hard on this, we’ve made lots of investments into the application, hardware and infrastructure, and we’ll continue to do so indefinitely.  It’s that important! 

From the security and stability of our servers (in the same data center as the world’s largest banks) to the quality of the code and design of our infrastructure, every aspect of Jackrabbit is built to deliver what you expect – software that works every time you login.

6 Supporting Jackrabbit Reliability Facts:

A solution that is hosted. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your application or your data. Jackrabbit maintains, updates, supports and pays for everything that has to do with making its software work.

Uptime Guarantee. 24/7 monitoring and fault-tolerant engineering ensure that the software that is critical to you is there when you need it. Our 99.9% system uptime is our guarantee but with all of the safeguards, redundancies and backups that we employ, our actual uptime is even practically perfect.

Stability that keeps banking systems operating at peak performance 24/7. Jackrabbit’s servers housing our software and your data are backed up by the same redundant systems that keep the world’s banking system in business. You can put your trust in the same systems that they rely on.

Protected by the best of the best. Jackrabbit’s software and your data are safe and secure behind the same security and safety measures as major banks and international communications entities.

Backup regimen is like insurance for your data. Jackrabbit adheres to a strict schedule of backups so that your data backup is the most recent and most accurate data possible – that is, if you ever need it.

Accessible data via import/export. Getting to your data – or getting your data to us – is secure, simple and speedy. Even during these processes, your data is protected.

Listen to our customers chime in on Jackrabbit’s reliability.

“We switched our class management software to Jackrabbit and at no time have servers been down or running slowly.  We are able to provide great customer service and accurately manage our accounts/payments without reliability concerns or headaches.  Consistent fast service is something that I suspect many of Jackrabbit’s customers take for granted, but for those of us who were accustomed to regularly navigating server problems, please know we do NOT take this reliability for granted and sincerely appreciate Jackrabbit!” Lara Hopkins, Office Manager, Virginia Techniques Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit is fast and reliable. The system is much more complex than our previous system however with just our initial training we were able to see how much time Jackrabbit save us.” Bailey Roberts, Backstage Dance Studios

“We found the robustness and reliability we needed in Jackrabbit. We never have to questions whether the system can handle whatever we throw at it.” Randy Sikora, American Twisters Gymnastics

“Jackrabbit has renewed our confidence in our operations. We don’t worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit and we have support resources that we can depend on. We are more professional and better equipped to answer questions for customers.” Jeff Lulla, Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers

“Jackrabbit’s automated processes make us much more efficient. We are able to consistently and easily communicate with parents who are extremely happy and impressed with our convenient options. We are pleased with the system’s incredible reliability and have a renewed confidence in the safety of our customers’ sensitive information.” Michael Little, Rainbow Gymnastics

“When it comes down to it, you want reliability and Jackrabbit provides it with professionalism and friendliness at a great price.” Shauna Swank-Sahlein, Wings Center Children’s Learning & Activities Center

P.S. If you can’t log in, the answers to these questions may help you figure out why.

(Click to read our Common Computer Issues blog post.)

  • Is your internet provider having issues? Check your connection speed.
  • Do you need to update your browser or clear your browser (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox/ etc) cache? Learn how to do this.
  • Are others nearby experiencing issues like yours? Use Google or Twitter to search to see if you are having a regional outage.

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