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Tips from Support: It is Important to Use the Most Recent Browser Version

Though there are quite a few web browsers available, you are probably using one of the five most popular: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. It is strongly recommended that you use the latest browser version because – just like other programs – browsers become old and outdated. It takes just a couple of mouse clicks to check the browser version so you can make sure your browser is up to date.
The most important reason for using the most recent browser is security. Generally, the new version patches or fills up security holes in the older release. For example, Internet Explorer- which is the world’s most widely used web browser – is notoriously unsafe and, since it’s tightly associated with the Windows operating system, any lapse in safety measures can open doors to your computer. Hackers are quick to exploit security holes (which is why they are in a continuous battle with web browser developers). The newer version of the browser has patches for security holes that have appeared since your older version was installed.

These are other reasons for using the most recent browser version:

Your web experience: Because newer versions have better compliance to web standards, web sites will display and their features will work properly on new browsers. On old browsers, many web sites may not display properly, or sometimes won’t display at all.

Faster rendering engines: Though downloading speed is dependent on the internet connection, the latest browser version will render web sites faster than its predecessor. The same can also be said for the JavaScript engine.

Better usability: For instance, all the latest versions of popular browsers now sport tabbed browsing.

New cool features: Capabilities such as more control to the user on how to manage their private data, cache and cookies are not available in older browser versions.

Easier to use interface: Improvements are constantly being made – just as with other software programs. You may not always agree that their changes are easier, however.

Checking for the latest version – or even downloading a new web browser and installing it on your computer – is not rocket science. Some browser updates require you to remove the old version first, while others simply upgrade the version you have.

Jackrabbit is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. This does not mean that it will not work on other browsers, however, the three mentioned above are the ones that we test heavily to ensure compatibility.

Are you using the latest version of your chosen web browser? Click here to check.

When might it not be a good idea to update your browser?

If your computer and/or your programs are old (more than 3 years) the updated browser may not be able to run properly. It may be slow or cause issues with other installed programs on your computer – simply because of their age and the changes that have taken place in that gap.

Why should you clear your Browser Cache?

Occasionally, a computers’ Browser Cache will fill up – especially if you are on the Internet a lot. This will slow down or possibly even prevent you from accessing items on the web – including Jackrabbit – which is a web-based system.

Here is a handy link for clearing your browser’s history with instructions and screenshots for all browsers:


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