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Why Do You Have Duplicate Families in Your Database?

Merge Families Easily with Support’s Help

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “Why do I sometimes have duplicate families in my database?”

The reason duplicate records are created is because some data is entered that does not exactly match another current file in Jackrabbit.

Of course, your customers should first see in bold, red letters Already a customer? Click here to login  – alerting them that they should log in instead of creating another account if they already have an account with you. The Click here to login link will take them to your Parent Portal and avoid the duplication incident.

There is also a duplicate family detector that will pick up when a customer enters info into your Web Registration form.

When they are entering their contact information, Jackrabbit will check to see if the Email address matches one in your database and alert them.  Now, if they enter a different email address, Jackrabbit has no way to detect that it is a duplicate. (See image below)


Jackrabbit tries to prevent duplications using these methods in the class Web Registration Form:

1. If Contact #1’s email address matches an email address already in your database, Jackrabbit will display a pop-up message directing the customer to log into their Portal instead of allowing them to use the Registration Form. (An active portal login link will automatically be displayed at the top of the Registration Form in bold red letters).

2. If no match is found for the email given, the form may be submitted. Once submitted, Jackrabbit will check the Last Name, the Zip Code, and the first 8 characters of the Street Address against your existing database. If a match IS found based on those 3 criteria, Jackrabbit will update that family account with any new information included on the Reg Form (such as addition of a student or contact). On the other hand, if a match is NOT found, a new family record is created.

3. If a match is not found simply due to misspelling or other minor discrepancy, a duplicate family may be produced. Contact Support for assistance with merging two families into one record.

You can review more about how Jackrabbit tracks duplicates on our Online Registration Help site. Follow the instructions illustrated below to read this information at your leisure.


Did you also know that the Jackrabbit Support team is happy to help you Merge Families? 

When you request help with this, a member of our support team will send you information that helps you to know exactly what will take place when your families are merged.

There is data that merges and data that does not merge.

The data that merges in the Merge Families function:

  • Class and Event Enrollment
  • Transaction History
  • Students (will be combined to one account, but not merged)
  • Web Registrations

Data that does NOT merge in the Merge Families function:

  • Billing

So when considering merge assistance you need to list the order of the merges you need. When doing this you should understand that the destination family is the one that you wish to KEEP. This family record receives the other family information into it.


“Please merge Family ID 123456 into FAMILY ID 7891134 (the last is the DESTINATION Family)”

Because Billing information does NOT merge, the one you choose as the destination family should be the one with the most up to date Billing information.

To select your family and provide Support with the correct Family ID, look at the bottom left corner of the Family Page in Jackrabbit.


To request help with Merging Families, click the Support Button in your database and submit a support ticket with the requested family IDs and

Support will email you when the merge is completed with a note resembling the following:

“I have merged the two families you requested. There may still be some clean up needed on the old account, and delete it if needed.”

You may request up to 12 merges in a single Support ticket. If you have more than 12, please break your requests into separate tickets.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Support before submitting your merge request.


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