Do you fear change?

What’s Ahead? What’s Not Ahead?

Fear of Change is something everyone has experienced. Regardless of how innovative you try to be, there has been at least one change that you’ve faced has struck fear in you.

Making any change that involves software is indeed scary. It moves you out of your comfort zone – much like going through a Halloween house of horrors – with the unknown lying ahead of you!

When it comes to software changes, there are three kinds of fear that show themselves like ghosts in a stairwell.

#1 Fear | Changing from One Software to Another


#2 Fear | Changing Old Methods to Use a New Software Feature #3 Fear | Not Changing Anything At All


Pushing your fears aside and changing the software that helps you operate your business is life-changing. But your fears are that: Overcoming the fear of changing a familiar process to implement innovative methods is also life-changing. But your fears are that:


Pushing all hope aside and changing nothing is undoubtedly the worst choice of all. But your fears are that:
·         Your choice will make it more difficult to run your business. ·         The new feature will be a colossal fail and will not be adopted by your staff or parents. ·         Any change will disrupt your business too much.
·         It will take you days and days to get the new software up and running. ·         Learning the new feature will distract your staff from daily necessities of your operations. ·         Change will just cause a hassle for parents.
·         Your facility’s parents will find the new software confusing. ·         Valuable time will be wasted on something that doesn’t work for you. ·         New software or features will take too long for your staff to master.
·         You will have days of downtime because your staff has to learn the new system. ·         You will be alone in implementing the new feature with no one to help or answer your questions. ·         Will not fit in with the way you do business.
·         You will have to sink all of your time into managing this new system. ·         A small change will grow into a huge debacle.
·         You will be alone during the process with no one to help or answer questions.


7 Things That Result from Succumbing to Fears of Change

  1. Your gym to never be the cool and innovative one.
  2. Your staff to be frustrated by antiquated, convoluted processes.
  3. Your gym’s parents to find it more and more difficult to do business with you.
  4. Your inefficient processes to increase your cost of doing business.
  5. You to waste time on man hours that automation could replace.
  6. Inaccuracies to creep into your manual processes.
  7. Growth to be difficult, slow or non-existent.

The truth is that none of your fears are warranted!

Jackrabbit is no tricks and all treats because it offers:

  • Flexible software that works for any size or type of business that needs to manage students, money and classes.
  • An amazing support team that is always ready to help – guiding you through any change that you make.
  • Industry-leading development team that produces enhancements and new features at a feverish pace.
  • Features designed for every facet of your operations and for all the demands of your customers.
  • Reliable software with virtually no unscheduled downtime.
  • Secure software that protects your customers’ sensitive information.

Learn more about Jackrabbit Class.

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