Continuous Jackrabbit software enhancements.

We’ve Listened! Parent Portal Enhancements.

Today’s enhancements bring a few refinements and enhancements to the Parent Portal directly related to the feedback we’ve received from you. There are still things being worked on, but as of today we are pleased to announce the following:

First, a print button has been added to the My Schedule page to allow parents to easily print their children’s schedule(s).

Second, a print button has been added to the Student Absences page. This allows the parent to print their student absences, but also, they can filter to show “Only Classes with Makeups” so they can more easily keep track of these makeup classes.

Third, any changes you make in your Online Web Registration Class Search/Filter settings for Category 1, 2, & 3 labels are now reflected in the Parent Portal class search filters.

Image below shows Category labels have been changed to Dance, Yoga, & Swim classes.

The following images show how the Class Search Filters in the Parent Portal now follow the label changes seen above.

We believe this will help Parents find the classes they are looking for more easily and speak to them in language you use in your studio or school.

Finally, the fourth enhancement refines the Cart Process to help eliminate confusion and provide clearer instructions for parents.

Before we delve into this, it’s important to understand the Shopping Cart function was added to support the new Automated Discounting and Prorating of tuition that is coming for the Parent Portal.

However, if you prefer not to automatically post tuition fees on enrollment through the Parent Portal, and your settings reflect that you are not posting fees automatically, the cart is not needed and therefore will not appear. The enrollment process is streamlined.

In the example above, we are not posting fees, and therefore the “Add to Cart” button is not needed. In it’s place there is simply an “Enroll” or “Cancel” options.

Once the parent clicks “Enroll” they see a confirmation.

If you do have tuition fees turned on to automatically post, then the parent is prompted to add the class to cart as shown below:

When the parent clicks “Add to Cart”, they see a similar page as shown above. They check the box for the student(s) they wish to enroll into the class and click “Add”.

Once the Parent clicks “Add”, they get a new dialog box that confirms the class has been added to their cart and offers two choices. Continue Enrolling if they have more classes and/or students to enroll, or Checkout Now. We hope this will remove any confusion.

Once they click the “Checkout Now” button, they are taken to their Cart for confirmation. There they will see all classes they have selected and added to their card and a button which asks them to “Accept the Fees and Enroll my Students”

A final dialog box the same as when you don’t post fees is shown as confirmation and the parent receives an email. We hope you’ll find these enhancements improve the functionality of the Parent Portal. As always, our Support Team is at the ready to assist and you can refer to our Help Center on this for more details.

Please read Part 2 of our enhancements.

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